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Sunday, August 12, 2007

bathing suit season is almost over, time for some exercise

CD mixes are to music what pushers are to crack.

Thanks to a mix a friend made for me, I am now listening to an Imogen Heap cd - which I bought fair and square. I think maybe the recording industry does see the correlation of mixes and pushers and so they want to distance themselves from the music-as-recreational-drug stigma before someone else sees it and makes music illegal.

Because that would be bad for everybody. Especially me. I would get no exercise at all if it weren't for music. Here's my new exercise plan, which I am going to get everyone on. You look silly doing it, but that didn't stop people from power walking now did it?

So when I walk I take my iPod. And some of the songs are just perfect for my pace - the 3.7 miles per hour songs (Courtney Jaye "Can't Behave"). Others are fine after a warm-up (Blur "Song 2"). And then there are the songs that just make you want to dance (Nikki Costa "Everybody Got Their Something" or Shiny Toy Guns "Le Disko"). So I've decided to take my walks early in the morning when no one is looking and bust out the Somebody's Mother Dance Moves with the iPod when the spirit moves me.

I'm not the only one who wants to do this because everyone in the world has seen that Okay Go video on You Tube and as a result has become slightly more interested in treadmills. I had sort of forgotten about it, but just now looking up the link I had to watch it another 40 times.

I thought I would like to try that on a treadmill, but have since discovered that it would probably scare me in real life. In other exercise-related news, I tried skim boarding this evening.

It was Lucy's idea. We have a skim board, but no one knows how to do it. So she wanted to give it a try. She fell - SPLAT! - and decided maybe I better do it. I want her to be brave and willing to try things so I had to pretend that I was brave and willing to try things. I gave it a go. I tried several times and although I didn't end up flat on my back in the mud I also did not end up skimming across the tidal flats like a .... like a ..... I don't know what skims across tidal flats. Fiddler crab? Turns out you have to Commit and Be Brave. Run along, toss the board and leap on it. None of this wishy washy tentative nonsense. I may never get it.

But it was beautiful. The beach, not me. We went and had dinner on the beach and then watched the sun set over the flats while we played with our skim board. The sky turned the brightest pink and in turn made pink ribbons across the sand where the tidal pools stretched. More people than usual were on the beach - probably a hundred or so, all spread out along the beach and out on the flats. Every once in a while a camera would flash as people took pictures of their friends with the sunset behind them.

And with me in the background. I am so sorry for ruining your vacation pictures. I didn't mean to do it this time.

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