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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

being outside

Today I drove up to a friend's house and noticed a stroller in her garage - something I have looked forward to seeing for a long time. Actually, I have only looked forward to seeing strollers in the garages of my friends for 5 years or so. Before that I didn't give so much of a hoot.

I took her coffee and a muffin because she is so large with child that she can't get through her door. Oh, wait, no... that was me. I took her coffee and a muffin because I had my kids with me and rather than have to restrain them at the coffee shop I thought it would be better to unleash them at her house. That way she can see what she's in for.

Mostly, she's in for everything being a little stickier than it used to be. Which is why I referred our house cleaner. We have a house cleaner so I can drop the fact that we have a house cleaner in conversations and let people know that if my house is a disgusting mess it's not my fault because it's not my job. I don't mention how rarely we ask her to come.

My friend had an organic watermelon, which she cut up and shared with us. Fortunately, the weather was nice and we were able to sit outside. Given the amount of lycopene my children just ingested, they may not age past today. Or maybe they'll just get taller. Most importantly, my friend now knows that she will go bankrupt feeding her own child, since children can put away several times their own body weight without blinking.

Today we also went to another outdoor concert in Hyannis. I took a picture because it really is lovely:

That's a band kid rushing the stage. We start groupies early out here. Some things of note in the photo: boats in the background because the stage is on a harbor, sporty buoy sculpture thingies to the right, in case you missed that you are near the water. And if you look carefully, you can see a brown paper bag to the left of the guitar player, thusly:

That brown bag has our dinner in it. There are a couple burritos, some chips, some rice and beans and a quesadilla. And there is a band between it and us. And the band is playing. And people are watching. So I am faced with the choice of making my way past the band and retrieving my dinner, or sitting idly by in a polite yet hungry manner.

It was delicious.*

It was sunset when the band stopped playing, making the boats all turn pink. And the wind was coming off the water, making everything salty and wonderful.

We will all sleep well tonight.

*Lest you think poorly of my concert manners, I had Chris sneak around behind the stage. Bands are used to him lurking around on the stage.

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