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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

cheap help

I sprung for a yoga class, so that's like paying her, right?

Today is Child Labor Day. My kids spent the afternoon outside with their 8 year old babysitter while I was inside "working". I kept peering out at them from the upstairs window, rather like Mrs. Danvers (without the uncomfortable looking high-necked dress, although you can picture me that way if you'd like). The day almost backfired when we arrived home and discovered that the power was off. Yes, we paid our bill - it was almost the whole town that was out. And my laptop battery was low. Which left me with not so much work to do and way too much laundry to fold.

And then I got used to having no children to watch and no work to do. I kind of like this. Next time maybe I'll book that Thai Massage I've been meaning to get.

The best thing about today is that I am somehow in the position of having done the other parents a favor. They keep thanking me! Me! Who is sitting around drinking iced coffee and flipping through an IKEA catalog while their daughter does all the heavy lifting! By the time the power came on I was actually ready to sit down and get some work done. I was feeling sort of guilty. Not guilty enough to cancel next week's Thai massage, but guiltyish nonetheless. My house is not even trashed because the babysitter brought books and toys and then packed them all up and took them home.

I can call her the "babysitter" because she has studied up on babysitting. She checked out books and videos from the library and knows not to feed little kids grapes or popcorn or leave them alone in the tub.

Yikes. When I think of the babies I was left with when I was 12 or so, it makes my heart race a little. What were those parents thinking? Seriously. I never checked out books from the library. I had absolutely no idea about half this stuff until I had kids of my own and my babysitter filled me in.

So I may not have been the wisest child care choice then, but let me tell you, I am a whiz-bang mom now. I know how to set up a playdate and give it a job description. Maybe I'll print up some Mommy's Helper business cards for her. When it was time for Lucy's yoga class I asked The Sitter if she'd like to go too. She did. They did yoga while Studley and I went down the street for some onion rings.

Finally, because she was more fun than I generally am, my kids were asleep at 7 sharp.

I am a genius.

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