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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Davy Jones' Locker vs. Andrew's Pitchfork

Little known fact: I sit on the board of a non-profit organization. I say I "sit on the board" because that's about all I do. Sit. I have no idea why they elected me.

Today we had a meeting with a potential new financial adviser. And he introduced us to an investment company he thought we'd be interested in. I for one, was very interested.

Not because I have any money to invest. I just liked the name - Bounty Management Corporation. I like my investment companies to think in terms of bounty. And it sounds sort of pirate-y. Someone else in our group is on the same Sea Captain track and made a Captain Bligh comment. You know, Mutiny on the Bounty.

Turns out the woman we're meeting with is a direct descendant of Captain Bligh. Oh, I am so sold on them. Her father, Raymond Bligh, started the company - after he got his Masters of Divinity degree. I also think it's important for my investment management people to have some degree of divinity. At this point I might just go get a coffee and wait to cast my vote. They are entirely too perfect.

She walked us through the proposal she brought - a plastic bound affair with no more than 5 talking points in 24 point type on each page. This is way, way more appealing than the textbook we received from the last person. Small print, scatter graphs. Egads.

Her talking points at one point include how she picks her stocks. It is now that I start to realize that she is really really smart. She's talking about global trends and how they effect different industries and natural resources and how she buys and sells accordingly. I think maybe investment people are the smartest people alive, since they have to know so darn much about everything. Politics, geology, economics, and plastic-bindery, to name a few.

As for the financial adviser, he had me sold while he was still in the parking lot. With the exception of Tucker Carlson, I generally like anyone in a bow tie.

Except pirates. Pirates should not wear bow ties.


LM said...

Sure - I'd so back anyone/thing piratey sounding. Ok, you and I should not be on "boards," and heavens - definitely not on a jury.

Susan said...

I was almost on a jury once. Believe me, they won't let that happen again.