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Thursday, August 9, 2007

friends, or more specifically, friend

I have a new acquaintance. She is a friend of a friend and she would probably be an actual friend by now if I were totally sure I was calling her by her correct name. She does not look at all like her name, and so I am not convinced that I'm right in calling her that. I may have heard it wrong or am confusing her with her daughter, but at any rate she does not look like my best friend from the first grade who has the same name and is therefore what someone of that name should look like.

Are you following all this?

So every time we see each other, which is often, I am sort of off kilter and maybe not as friendly as I might be due to a lurking feeling that I am being a jerk. Honestly, if you can't get someone's name right.....

I got my car fixed the other day, and as I was walking through the dealership the man who sold me the car wished me a happy birthday and greeted both children correctly by name. Seriously, my husband can barely get all that right. How is that even possible? I am pretty sure I had taken the birthday hat off.

Back to the acquaintance who is a friend of a friend. There is no reason she should like me. She's one of those people who sort of scares me a bit because she is so different from me. She has lots of tattoos - which I have not gotten because I'm too scared, she is a single mom - which I would not have done because what would my mother think? she takes on the establishment when need be - see above about being too scared, and she has these really high ideals which make my attempts at leading a more environmental life look like.... attempts.

Oh, and she's probably 15 years younger than me which is REALLY INTIMIDATING.

But she seems to like me. I took that test online - the one where you identify the genuine smiles - and did quite well, so I think I'm right about this one. How can this be? And why is everyone more interesting than me?

My house is getting cleaner and so now I'm finding other things to fret about.

I am mostly fretting about the friend thing because I am losing one. She insists that it will be like all those times when we're both working too much and can't get together or maybe it's like she's taking a particularly long nap. But I'm sorry, Colorado is a really long way from here and I am NOT OKAY WITH SOMEONE MOVING THERE.

So I am now taking applications for a new friend. Good luck, applicants, because I already don't like you. You are not her. This is a problem because I have to like you instantly and not have to explain anything and not have to apologize for liking really dorky sports or stupid movies. And my kids have to start squealing with delight when they hear that we're going to your house. And you have to like all manner of fried food and be willing to eat my curry without grimacing.

So good luck with that.

On second thought, good thing my house is a bit cleaner since I'll be spending a lot of time here. Alone. Sulking.

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