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Saturday, August 18, 2007

happy birthday, little cowboy!

We were sitting around over blueberry pancakes deciding what to do with our day. It's overcast and chilly - not very good for the beach. Still, we must find FUN! things to do with my nephew, whose time is ticking away. We do, after all, want him to come back next year.

And then the phone rang and it was Shasha letting us know that she had had the baby. "Everyone get in the car!" I shriek. "We're going to the hospital!" I admit, the hospital is probably not A#1 on people's lists of top Cape Cod tourist attractions. But one must also admit that there are far worse reasons to take a house guest to the hospital. The after effects of one's cooking, for instance. It's never happened here, of course. Just something I thought of.

Now common wisdom says that when you are expecting a baby you need to have a suitcase packed and in the trunk of the car. I've been expecting this baby for almost exactly 10 days, and I had done none of those things. So we peeled out of the driveway and drove to the CVS parking lot. I gave my nephew and Lucy $20 and told Lucy to pick something out at The Red Balloon. Yes, it is possible that this baby boy could have ended up with a My Pretty Pony Beauty Salon. While they were shopping, Studley and I scurried across the parking lot to The Sparrow and got Shasha a large Moroccan Mint iced tea. Having babies makes you thirsty.

We met back at the car and raced to The Big City (carefully observing the speed limit and the stream of traffic coming the other direction). Apparently it was a beach day after all. Whatever. We had a baby to meet!

We get there and I grab the baby from her arms, knocking over the Moroccan Mint iced tea. She is gracious. And probably drugged. Lucy distributes gifts (a teething ring shaped like a lobster) and proclaims that the baby is as cute as cute can be. We irritate the nurse almost immediately.

Her room overlooks the cranberry bog and so she has asked to be moved to the other side, which overlooks the harbor. Bog views will not be in demand for another month or so. We are hoping to spring her sooner than that.

By the way, she does not look like she has been awake all night having a baby. This does not surprise me, since she is the one who made everyone (okay, mostly just women) wish they were pregnant because she looked so darn good. I'm telling you, it's not right.

If she gets up in the morning and slithers into her pre-pregnancy jeans I am absolutely calling it quits on our friendship. Baby or no baby, there's only so much a woman can take.


LM said...

Oh you mean the "beach ball belly?" Doesn't that just make you crazy????

I only slid into my pre pregnancy jeans in the hospital once. After that I was like all the other new moms who still look 6 months pregnant.

PS what extremely thoughtful gifts. You are a great friend.

Susan said...

Pre-pregnancy jean sliding is okay for women who get around to having babies before they're 30. Otherwise it's unacceptable.

A thoughtful gift would be having her house cleaned while she naps, but I am too cheap, and too lazy to do it myself. Still, I think I am a great friend by virtue of shear enthusiasm. Thank you for noticing.