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Friday, August 3, 2007

is it over yet?

We wait all year for this. But when summer is finally in full swing, we all start talking about the fall. Today we were talking about all the boating we'll do once the lake isn't bestrewn with motorboats. Yesterday we were talking about autumnal retreats to spas. Actually, we talk about spa retreats almost daily, whatever the season.

Every weekend in September and most of the weekends in October are booked. I used to think we did this so it wasn't such a let down when the summer ended. Now I suspect it's because we are a bunch of crotchety New Englanders who like the influx of cash but can't stand to be any nicer than we absolutely have to. We can only keep it up so long, you know.

We also plan things for the fall because we only have 8 weeks or so before we are plunged into winter. Winters are mild here, but we are not as hardy as we are made out to be and we like to whine a lot. I actually just had to look up "hearty" and "hardy" to make sure I used the right word. Although both refer to vigorous good health, "hearty" sites "enthusiastically or exuberantly cordial : jovial." New Englanders have never, in the history of New England, been characterized as "exuberantly cordial." So sorry.

I am not from here, so I can say these things without casting myself in an unfriendly light. I am perfectly cordial. Jovial, even. I just don't happen to like crowds and frequently prefer to hide in my basement.

Anyway. Because I see summer trickling away even when it's not, I am frantic to get as much summerness packed in as I can. Yesterday Lucy woke up and asked if we were going to do something fun again. The last few days, she said, were "all pink and sparkly."

Even when we are living fully in the correct season, we sometimes picture how it will be at some unnamed point in the future. I had a vision today of us sitting on the beach like in a scene from the Ya Ya Sisterhood (you know, when the kids are doing their thing and we're not having a nervous breakdown about them drowning or choking or being eaten by a woodland creature). I think it will be lovely - although I will not notice it because I'll be too busy reminiscing about how Studley fell asleep in my lap after a day of swimming.

Maybe it's just that time is going so fast these days. I remember school vacations that went on forever. Summer is so hectic. It flies by, and all those projects that are planned for the off-season... well, before you know it spring is creeping up and you are once again behind on planting your darn vegetable garden.

Speaking of vegetable gardens, everything is starting to ripen - but I'm sick of taking care of it. Oh what I would give for an attention span.

My nephew once asked me if I wouldn't just love to get all our home renovation projects DONE. Frankly, no. Because then what would we do? What would I complain about? What would I have to look forward to?

Fortunately, these are questions I don't have to worry about. It's summer, after all, and all the contractors are booked solid right through October.


Love Monkey said...

I think the garden is telling you that you're reading for summer to be over.

Me too. I love Fall. I can't wait to can things and wear sweaters and watch the world turn different colors.

We are lucky in the NE to have such changes in seasons. I have a short attention span so it keeps me interested.

Susan said...

That must be it! Am very excited about canning - was just talking about it yesterday, as a matter of fact. I may even pick up a new knitting project while I'm at it.

Maybe I'll just crank up the AC and pretend.