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Friday, August 24, 2007

buyer's remorse

It's not that I hate ALL exercise. Tonight, for example, was just fine. We went trampolining.

There's a place in Harwich that has 12 trampolines, all set flush to the ground with big holes dug out under them (you can't fall off that way). We go at least once a year, generally for someone's birthday. The first time we went I don't think we had even a token kid. All of us lined up and paid our money for 10 minutes of jumping time. Ten minutes? I remember thinking it was going to be really expensive if ten minutes was $5. I mean, we were going to want to stay awhile! Keep that meter running!

Anyone who thinks that 10 minutes on a trampoline is not much time has not been trampolining. It is an excruciatingly long time. By the time they tell you to leave you are silently BEGGING them to blow the whistle. Except that it's fun, so you keep going. You also keep going because you know that when you stop jumping you're going to head across the street to A&W and have cheesey fries and rootbeer floats for dinner so You Had Better Jump.

We went to Harwich a little early because in June I discovered the glories of Bumper Boats. I have been talking about them all summer and was not about to miss this chance to go. When we drove up we noticed that all the people had bathing suits on. And they were soaked. We were a little nervous about getting caught in the crossfire - those people out there were crazy.

It took us about 3 seconds before we started trying to soak each other. At one point I realized I was laughing so hard that I was no longer making any sounds. Now that, my friends, is an abdominal workout. And I will probably not be sore in the morning.

The other thing we did today was shop for birthday gifts. Lucy has a series of parties she's been invited to and the first ones are this weekend. I like to shop at small, locally owned toy stores. We have a few of them here in town and I think they carry some great toys. Well made, well thought out. Nothing tarty.

I went to two such stores and found 2 out of 3 gifts. And then I was hot and tired and cranky and so was Studley, who REALLY wanted to play with everything in the store. I was tired of suggesting toys that Lucy didn't want to give. I was tired of chasing Studley and holding him in a wrestling lock while we shopped. But mostly I was hot. And at that moment all of my fondness for locally owned businesses went out the window. I loaded my kids in the car and we went to TJ Maxx, where I tethered Studley in a cart and luxuriated in the air conditioning.

We bought the most horrible toys you can imagine. My personal favorite: the Yummi-Land Candy Apple Bracelet Arcade with Candy Pop Doll. The doll smells like a candy apple. Or so they say.


Lucy is very, very, very excited to give it. I suppose I cannot shelter her from pop culture forever. And it is not important if Lucy's friend's mother hates me forever. Or maybe the other mother is not trying to reclaim her house from rampant plastic toy piles and will not care that we just added to the heap.

But really, I should have gotten Bumper Boat gift certificates instead.
And I shouldn't have eaten all those cheesey fries.


Sturdy Girl said...

You SHOULD have eaten the cheesy fries. After all that jumping you needed something of "substance." Like fries. And cheese.

I love small shops too, but agree that with a small child, a shopping cart is mandatory.

Lois B said...

I was sorry I wimped out on going in the boats. It looked so fun once all the others were out of the pool. But then I would not have gotten the great pictures!