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Monday, August 6, 2007

local color

Because I didn't describe it very well, here's the grill rig from yesterday. It just makes me giggle. That is not me, by the way. And those are "rat snouts" on the grill - or at least that's what they were called as they were handed to us. I think they're Trader Joe's chicken sausage. And we didn't have any condiments so Steve went "seagulling" - ie. walked down the beach asking people if they had any. Pardon me, have you any Grey Poupon?

And because it's better than what appeared in the paper, here's one of Chris' pictures of the flaming camper:

More interesting things, did you know that Bounce is an effective bug repellent? We have large biting flies - Greenheads - from the first full moon in July to the first full moon in August and they are unphased by such sissy products as Deep Woods Off. But try and soften them with Bounce and they run screaming. And what's with the full moon thing, anyway? Are they pagan or something?

Freaking Pagan Biting Flies.


LM said...

wow - awesome action shot!

well you sure took care of those pagan biting flies with your "potion," now didn't you???

Susan said...

The chalk circles didn't work.