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Thursday, August 30, 2007

location, location, location

I am sitting in a sculpture garden, waiting for someone to unlock a door so I can go to work. I've actually gotten a bit of work done while sitting here, but now it seems a shame not to write about what I'm looking at.

The garden is small but backs up to a tidal creek, which is one of the most beautiful views known to humankind. It's low tide and the marsh grasses are teaming with bird life. It smells like the ocean.

They have these great ceramic stool/table thingies scattered around for people like me to sit on while they're waiting. They're also handy for putting your lunch on later. I cannot wait for lunch. Whenever I come here, I get lunch from one of the fab restaurants nearby and bring it back to the garden.

I am also paying extra attention to the garden because Sarah came over for our first landscape design consultation. She arrived shortly after dark, which is the best time to see our yard. Still, there was a lot of "ooooh, hmmmm" which did not bode well. She gave us a couple ideas to start on and I'm excited to make some phone calls (although I'd like a shot at using a jackhammer myself). Sounds like we're going to need a fleet of day laborers to descend on the Towers.

The garden here has a little spot of about 4 pavers - just big enough for two little chairs. I must have this somewhere in my yard. I don't know why, but I love the idea of having little places to hang out in. And with the pavers, Chris won't have to keep moving my chair when he mows. They also have a little pond with a fountain here. I can do without this as I have cleaned more than my share of such fountains and I can live a rich and fulfilled life without doing it again.

And now the gallery is open and I can go to work. I hope everyone out there in the real world enjoys their lunch as much as I'm going to.

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