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Monday, August 13, 2007

music theory

Today I was thinking about Toubab Krewe. If they are playing anywhere near you, go. And be sure to get up close so you can watch them. They play these amazing looking instruments and have a lot of fun together. Seriously, you'll thank me.

I first found out about them from Relix magazine a year or so ago. I read the description and promptly went online to the Relix site and downloaded a song. Isn't technology wonderful? I read Rolling Stone all through high school and college and although I mostly read about bands I knew about, sometimes I would read about a new one and think hmmm, they look cool, but can they play?" So now you can find out - instantly! The "Too New To Know" and" Bands on the Verge" sections are my favorite hang-outs.

And because I can't think about any one thing for very long, I started wondering about how bands get a song posted on a site like Relix. Because I know some songs that people should find out about.

So I went back to their website, thinking it would be easy to submit a cd. It's not. There were writing guidelines and lots of different editors and I wasn't looking to write about these bands myself because that would sort of be like if someone at Publisher's Clearinghouse won the $10 million Sweepstakes. You know? It just seems like cheating. And I've never written for a music magazine.

But hey, it looks like I can because according to their guidelines, they'd "like to see more intimate stories about the people who work out of sight—and the places in which they work."

Wooohooo! I'm in, I'm in, I'm in! I could write about how Burning Spear's tour bus helped tow a car out of the parking lot because it was blocking everyone in and some crazy person wanted to leave the show early. Granted, I would probably get a paragraph or two into the story and start talking about how my friend looks just like Keith Richards. Which he does.

I'm not sure how Keith Richards and Burning Spear are related, but I'll make it work.

In other music news, I am in some serious pain after my new iPod workout. I think I better load my playlist with Viennese Waltzes.

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