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Friday, August 24, 2007

ordering donuts in sanskrit

Yesterday I downloaded a podcast from Yoga Today (through iTunes).

Today I can barely lift by arms. Typing is a challenge. It was a Kundalini Yoga sequence, which I've never done before. Oh I've done the breathing with sharp exhalation that makes you wish you had gone for a tissue before class, but I've never done the lying down on the floor with arms over head and sit up to forward bend - 21 times. There was also a pilate-esque move which looked a bit like a crunch but was way, way worse. I know all about Pilates because I have a book on Pilates right over there on the shelf and I saw something like this on the cover.

Everything was done 21 times. So if you do manage to grunt through the first one with some success..... you're still in big trouble. Oh, and if you're into yoga and bulimia, this would be perfect for you. I thought I was going to throw up halfway through.

I also subscribed to Coffee Break Spanish. I haven't listened to it yet because I have not been in my car yet. I'll use that when I'm driving around wishing I were smarter.

In fact, I may just listen to both podcasts in the car. That way I can be conversant in Spanish and Yoga. And really, I just want the ability to talk about things with some element of conviction. I can say "oh, in this morning's yoga podcast the warm-up was a chaturanga to headstand sequence. 21 times!" No one needs to know that I was driving up to the Dunkin' Donuts window while it was happening.

Anyway, I have to stop typing now, and go change my icepacks. Be sure to get that podcast, you'll thank me for it. Let me know how it goes.


Sturdy Girl said...

you have now sufficiently reminded me of why I hate yoga.

Susan said...

glad to help!