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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

pillows fluffed

I don't know about you, but if I were 14 years old and I had a relative on Cape Cod I'd make it my life's ambition to scoop ice cream for minimum wage.

But no, my nephew just comes for a week every summer. What's with that? If he had a job he'd get fed (all jobs around here involve food) and wouldn't have to eat my cooking. He even gets his own room, which is more than a lot of seasonal employees can say.

Anyway, he's here! So if you see him, please ask him why he doesn't spend the whole summer.

It is possible that he doesn't want to come for the whole summer because we send him home on the verge of nervous collapse every year. This year promises to be no exception. I picked him up at 1pm and went straight to the pond. We swam. We went boating. We watched the brave ones wake surf (had never seen such a thing - involving a surfboard and a tow line. Madness). And then we went to a concert on one of the many town greens (and watched some woman in the audience dance with a sword balanced on her head). And then we went for ice cream. And then we came home, at 9.

I for one could use a nap.

But I can't sleep because I woke up this morning to a cacophony of clucking and ran outside to discover a fox on top of the chicken coop. I am a wreck.

In fact, I have to go check on them now.


Lois B said...

Oh my goodness! A fox?

I was thinking "how surprising" but then I remembered what happened to Andy. I guess a fox is better than a pack of coyotes. In another circumstance a fox would be a cool thing to see.

Susan said...

Oh Lois, that isn't the half of it. Stay tuned.