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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pops in the Park

One five-year-old birthday party down, four to go. Also, I sustained an indoor play center related injury. On the slide. Let it be known that I am not above (or below) climbing up inside a claustrophobia-inducing maze so that Studley can go down the slide 58 times.

I have slide burn on my elbow. I have shown it to everyone.

I got to show it to everyone at Pops in the Park, but it did not put them off their dinner. It is a very, very small injury. And it was an especially large dinner because this year there were 15 of us and everyone brings a little something to share. That is possibly my favorite part. Although some years they have the marching bagpipe squadron and that's pretty fabulous.

In case I have not blathered on about it elsewhere (oh faithful readers who know my every move), Pops in the Park is a Cape Symphony Orchestra concert sponsored by our classical radio station (thanks, WFCC!) and some other people I don't know so well. It is at our baseball field and you can either sit at tables in the front or get lawn seats in the back. We always prefer the lawn seats. This is what it looks like before human beings are allowed to come near:

And a close up, action shot for scale:

There's a bit of competition going on in the lawn seats. You have to get there early in the morning and stake your claim to some real estate. We sent an agent early and she still had to put us two thirds of the way back. Lucy noted with some surprise that she could see the orchestra if she stood up. Hey! There's an orchestra! Right there, to the left of the orzo salad!

Anyway, we hold our own in terms of real estate and culinary offerings. But we are still pretty far behind on style points, which distresses me a bit. We are very stylish people, after all. I just can't figure out the logistics. It is all I can do to haul in my picnic hamper, my children and some chairs. How do these people arrive with a banquet table, hurricane lamps and fresh flowers? I am not actually exaggerating. I have even seen grills. Parking is not especially convenient, so you have to carry everything pretty far.

Also, some people have matching beach chairs. With nautical themes. How can you compete with that? One year we did have votives set around but we nearly lit ourselves on fire.

This year we had it figured out. It is a "pops" concert, which means it's a program of things that you've heard. Last year they did an orchestral version of "We Are the Champions." I do not approve of such things. I am more a Rachmaninoff sort of girl. But there are varying degrees of pop-ness and even I like some of it. I cannot get enough Sousa marches, for one. And they usually do some of our favorite Looney Tune selections, such as The Barber of Seville.

One of our friends printed out the words to Rabbit of Seville so we could all sing along. We know a lot of them, but it's like Christmas Carols - sometimes you need a little help. We were sure that would put us in the running for Best Overall.

Wouldn't you know, it wasn't on the program this year.

And here's a little know fact about me. You know how everyone has that thing they want to do before they die? Mine is to play the bells at the end of the 1812 overture. I'm that dorky.

The Rabbit of Seville
Chuck Jones, Carl W. Stalling, & Gioacchino Rossini

How doooo!

Welcome to my shop
Let me cut your mop
Let me shave your crop!
Daintily! Daint-til-ly!

Hey yoooou!
Don't look so perplexed
Why must you be next
Can't you see you're next?
Yes, you're next!
Yoou're so next!

How about a nice close shave
Teach your whiskers to behave
Lots of lather lots of soap
Please hold still don't be a dope
Now we're ready for the scrapin'
There's no use to try escapin'
Yell and scream and rant and rave
There's no use you need a shaave!

Ooh ouch ouch ooh ouch ooh ooh ouch!

There, you're nice and clean!
Aldough your face looks like it might have gone through a machine!

Oh, where do I get that waabbit?

What would you want with a waabbit?
Can't you see that I'm much swee-ter?
I'm your little Senyeree-ter
Yooou are my type of guy
Let me straighten your tie
And I shall dance for you!

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