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Thursday, August 30, 2007

update on Green Acres

I think it's time for a Life at The Towers update.

First of all, having chickens is just not all that I thought it would be. Mostly, it entails waking up every morning and looking out the window to see if they're all dead yet. This morning it looked like the door had been pried open and although it was a neurotic hallucination it still resulted in that "okay I'm going to be sick now" feeling when I didn't see any chickens. Turns out they were sleeping late up in their coop. In this respect they are fitting in nicely.

In a month or so I will move them into the garden - once we've eaten all of the cucumbers, pumpkins, chard, tomatoes and anything else I've forgotten. Oh, celery. And some other stuff. Then the chickens will be in the coop and the coop will be inside the garden fence and I will feel ever so slightly better about their safety. Until then, we will just keep piling stuff around the coop to keep the foxes out. Oh yes, it looks lovely.

Even with the double fencing, I'll still need to hang some kind of netting overhead. When I was herding them back in after their romp in the yard yesterday, I noticed a shadow glide across the grass. I looked up to see a hawk way up over the trees. He flew over again as I frantically coaxed the chickens back to safety. Have you ever herded chickens? It's ridiculous. Being frantic doesn't help.

As for the garden, my tomatoes have fallen victim to their own success. In the past, I've been able to stake my tomato plants with coffee stirrers because they have grown about that tall. But this year, what with the nitrates and all, they are Tomato Trees. There are tomatoes everywhere and the plants can't support them and are toppling over. I put some nice tall, solid stakes in, but it's not working. It looks like I gave them all beehive hairdos. I'm having to window-ripen tomatoes on a daily basis. Things could be worse.

And I don't know what I have against beans, but I pulled out a couple little bean plants when I was weeding the other day. I did the very same thing last year. Wow, look at these perfectly matched little weeds all in a row! Sheesh.

Finally, we have a new stair thingy outside the laundry room door! Chris and his sister pulled out the horrible cinder block stairs and put in a small landing so that my mother-in-law can get out of the house a little more easily. It looks great! And best of all, it was pretty much all done by the time I realized it was being considered.

It's progress, and I like it.


Sturdy Girl said...

Falling victim to their own success? I love that - actually I love when that happens to me too!

Chickens seem like a lot of work - imagine if you had cows too?

Susan said...

Sturdy Girl-
NO COWS! Or goats or pigs or sheep.

Chickens are pretty easy, if you discount the perpetual anxiety that they will be eaten while you sleep. You toss some food at them (not even daily, if you can find the thingy that holds their grain dispenser together, which I can't). And they love my cooking. Mmmmm, leftovers again! Yay!