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Sunday, August 26, 2007

weekend party update

I was talking to a woman at one of my many many 5 year old birthday parties today. She lives in Vermont and we were discussing the pros and cons of living in places where people like to visit. Apparently the view from her mailbox makes people stop and take pictures on a regular basis. One fall she and her husband were out burning brush. She watched as a car stopped to take a picture of her view, and then the person turned around and took a picture of her throwing a log on the brush fire.

"You should see her churn butter!" her husband yelled to the photographer.

Isn't it great when you have a moment of seeing how you look to other people? I sometimes wonder how our lives look to people who don't know any better. Is it better, or worse, than I see it?

We also talked about how easy it is to stop appreciating what's around us. Now you may think that just because we live in places you've seen on postcards we are the only ones responsible for appreciating our surroundings. Not so. We just all tend to under appreciate that which is under our noses.

The friends we visited today live near an Air Force Base. There happened to be an airshow today and all afternoon we looked up to see jets screeching across the sky in formation. Not my cup of tea, but pretty neat nonetheless. Someone at the party had gone to the show and described the opening - parachuters and streamers descending from the clouds in formation. Wow.

See all the things you learn while you're eating Spiderman cake?

Oh, and I also noticed that as the ages of our children increase I am once again being asked what I do for a living (instead of "so, what did you give up to be a mom?"). Although I have a job which is interesting, I think I will start telling people I raise chickens.

If people are going to make up their own version of you based on what they see from the street, I say it's only fair to help them along.


tess said...

Living in California, I can totally identify.

While people don't stop in front of my building to take pictures (my neighborhood is bad enough that no one stops anywhere outside for too long), instead, it's assumed that I know every movie star personally -- despite the fact that Hollywood is at the other end of my state -- and that I spend all my time on the beach.

Neither of which are true of course, but it's funny when someone comes to visit from far away and asks "so do you know Brad Pitt?" and then stops, looks at me, and says "Where's your tan?" with a really confused look on their face. =D

Susan said...

Tess - Exactly! California probably has more myth surrounding it than anywhere else in the country. It's just like in the movies, right?