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Saturday, September 8, 2007

and in local news

We have several social thinglies coming up and since I can't figure out what to wear I thought I'd try a new hair color. To my hair stylist's chagrin, I generally do this myself in the middle of the night on impulse. In my defense, I have never gone to her crying as a result.

Anyway, I got all set for my new color - rinsed my hair, mixed the toxins, lathered up and then wandered into the living room to wait. I flipped through the paper (which has a picture of my friend's son on the front page!) and found an article about a house someone's trying to build within the Hopper landscape in Truro.

I only know this landscape from paintings I've seen of the Hopper house.
The issue over the Hopper Landscape has set off a complicated community debate that better resembles a painting by Jackson Pollock than by Hopper. A mixture of historic and open space preservationists, along with anti-development forces splattered with libertarians, private property rights advocates, art enthusiasts and developers, peppered with environmentalists and conservationists all framed by the ever present issue of economic class on the Outer Cape, have this conflict as a textbook case for the fault lines present in Truro.
-Steve Desroches, The Cape Codder
I am picturing townspeople with pitchforks and torches. Apparently paying SIX MILLION DOLLARS for a piece of property does not give you an inalienable right to build your 6,500 square foot home on it.

Do you think they will have chickens? Because I think some free-range, ornamental breeds would look charming cruising the hillside. Very painterly.
Meanwhile I feel a burning sensation and realize I will probably have chunks of hair falling onto the newspaper if I don't rinse out the hair color quickly.

In other news, now that it is not summer I am back to shopping at Trader Joe's (it's a traffic thing). Liz and I were in the coffee aisle discussing the many, many choices and she recommended the mocha java. I scanned the decaf section and said, "they don't have that one in my weenie version." To which Studley replied "WEENIE?!?! WEENIE?!?!" Terrific.

And then I was telling Liz how my kids will eat sushi and curry and tabbouleh (not all at once), yet I may have to start making meatloaf and macaroni and cheese for my mother-in-law and another shopper laughed outright at me. It seems I am not alone in this phenomenon. So if you're feeling all smug about how smoothly everything's going in YOUR multi-generational home...... please let me know how you're managing it because I'm reverting to tv dinners faster than you can say Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Escalloped Apples.

Which will probably be a blessed relief.

As is my new hair color. I have gone from Mouse Brown to Nutmeg in the time it takes to say Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Escalloped Apples 6,500 times fast.


Liz said...

I have a great recipe for Salisbury steak that I can give to you. It goes especially well with Potato Buds instant potatoes. And what's not to like about escalloped apples?? Hot dogs are good too...

Susan said...

There's a RECIPE for Salisbury steak? I thought it was it's own thing, you know, like Twinkies.