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Friday, September 14, 2007

another update from the Towers

The man from the Council of the Blind has been here again. I know this because when I came home the other day there was another rope. It leads from the side door, across the driveway... to nothing. I couldn't help but notice it because it was about 15 feet long and neatly separated my car from the stairs into the house. This would be okay if they put ropes up like inside trains - so you could hang on overhead. But our ropes are always about waist high. Unless you're Lucy, in which case you get it in the face.

I am actually glad about this, because with all the limboing I'll be doing (while carrying a child or two and some groceries) I can give up my kickboxing class forever! Hooray for the Council!

Besides, it would be totally selfish to take the rope down. I mean, it goes from the side door railing right straight across the driveway. If my mother-in-law doesn't run into a car on the way, she'll get to the end of the rope and figure out where she is by reaching out and discovering, perhaps unpleasantly, that she is holding onto the woodstove. Why would you lead a blind person out of her nice cozy house and deposit her in front of a woodstove? Assuming you like her? Really, there did not seem to be another destination, unless he was trying to make it easier for her to get to the driver's side of the car. Which makes almost as much sense.

I would not dream of taking the rope down. When the Council Agent comes here he talks about The Sighted like some people talk about Upper Class White Males. I am privileged beyond reason and I owe owe owe everyone else a big piece of my pie. Because I can see.

And believe me, I do feel grateful and privileged. No one is leading me to a red hot woodstove while I'm not looking.

In other house news we nearly lost our cleaning person. It's a long story but it turns out that half the family is doing just fine with the resources available to them. And then there's us. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to justify the expense if half the family was bailing. And then Chris said, "have you looked around this place?" It is evident that we cannot justify NOT having a cleaning person. I am hoping that the new plan will motivate me to tackle projects that I am afraid to do alone. I have a vision of our house that doesn't include clutter and is easy to clean. Is this even possible?

We shall see.


Lois B said...

Geesh, Does the man have no common sense at all!?!

Lois B said...

Geesh, Does the man have no common sense at all!?!

Susan said...

None of the Sighted were here when it happened, so we don't know what the plan was... but it gave us all a good giggle - Ruth included!