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Saturday, September 1, 2007

close to home

I am a complete waste of square footage on holiday weekends. Specifically Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Chris went out this afternoon and when he came back he said "don't go out there, it's a zoo." I took that to mean "don't go out there, it's a zoo" and stayed firmly back from the property line all day. As far as I can tell, there's nothing I can do today that I can't do on Tuesday. The beach will still be there. The restaurants will still be open. Sales don't start until after Columbus Day.

But I am going out tomorrow. To a private beach with a whole pile of people I like. At least I hope I like them - I can be fickle. And I hope they, too, have been up all evening cooking.

There was talk of Assigned Courses, but then it was decided that if we ended up with all desserts it wouldn't actually be a problem. So I made a dessert that can pass as lunch if need be. I hope this doesn't make you feel queasy, but I made chocolate black bean cupcakes. They're muffins, really, because they aren't very sweet. Unless you use them to scoop the frosting like dip. They sound horrifying, but you can't actually tell there are beans in there. The recipe makes a dozen muffins and I had to eat one to make sure they're okay so I'll be taking a Yankee Dozen to the shindig tomorrow. If Chris doesn't find them.

I don't actually like the term "yankee dozen" because everyone I know around here is kind and generous and would NEVER short a batch of cupcakes unless in the attempt to make it fit into the Tupperware better. And does all this mean that a Yankee Baker's Dozen is 12?

I also made another batch of mozzarella. I'm layering it with tomatoes and basil from the garden and a dash of Balsamic. Shame I don't know how to make my own vinegar. Then I would be completely smug and would never be invited anywhere.

I did get some stuff done today. I helped Lucy learn how to tell time, sort of. I renewed my car registration online. I ordered some photos online (they were from exactly this time last year and I haven't uploaded anything since. I am a pathetic excuse for Somebody's Mother). And I stood in the garden and tried to remember if what I planted was pumpkins or some kind of squash (yes yes I know, pumpkins are squash and I meant no disrespect). I originally thought I had put in melons but clearly I was wrong. How long before pumpkins turn orange and what the heck is growing in my garden? I could consult the chart I painstakingly drew in the spring but it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the garden we ended up planting.

I hope that wherever you are this holiday weekend you're having a spiffy time. May there be people like me at your destination so there are fewer cars on the road and more parking spaces to chose from.

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