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Sunday, September 23, 2007

the decorative arts

Last night one of our younger guests brought this for Lucy - a fairy house.

I am commandeering it, and finding a safe place for it so it will not be sat on by Studley. I am also commandeering it because I think it is beautiful and I am selfish and want it in my livingroom. I don't usually do this with their belongings. Usually it is quite the opposite.

Note the white pebble stone wall that goes around the back. I am told she and a friend made a whole fairy compound behind a cemetery last winter. There were houses and toadstool circles and treeforts and pretty much everything a fairy would want in a neighborhood. They built and built until a windstorm took it away. They had spent 4 or 5 months making it, which must have made for a very happy winter.

Lucy's was quickly inhabited by 4 fairies, made by another friend's daughter.

As people were oggling the fairy house last night, I had to introduce our pig (which I also commandeered - probably at Christmas):

Although it would probably be spectacularly gratifying for my sister-in-law to see the kids toting this around, I am not giving them that chance. I am too afraid for its life ("Terrific!" "Some Pig!"). It sits on top of an antique cabinet in our livingroom.

Yesterday my sister-in-law gave Lucy a handmade dress with a matching jacket AND a matching bunny rabbit. I am not posting pictures because I am too sickened with jealousy (both of Lucy's haul and the skill with which they were made). I try not to knit, or sew, or try anything fancy with my hot glue gun when she's around.

In Denver there's a house with the motto (essentially) "The ornaments of a house are the guests who frequent it" carved over their mantel.

I couldn't agree more. Thank you to our friends who ornament our home, both with your presence and your offerings. It just wouldn't be Trout Towers without you.


Robin said...

Hey, Susan, I was just signing off my computer when I got your comment...those are two GREAT choices for my recipe Fun Monday post, so maybe I'll just go with one of those. I sure know my kids would be thrilled if I make a Chocolate Eclair Dessert (to be photographed).

Thanks for commenting....I'll be back here tomorrow to see yours :).

Sturdy Girl said...

I LOVE the fairy house! I try not to hang around too many craftier people than me - but now that I've seen the creations you can score, well, I'm doing some rethinking!

Anonymous said...

The little house looks very cute. It reminds me of the story of Thumbelina. Thanks for sharing the pics. You can check out this link for Decorative Arts.