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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

fall, it's the new summer

9 out of 10 people queried agree they prefer fall over summer. The one holdout is in middle school and therefore can't be blamed for his opinion. I think I too prefer fall, although I do look back fondly at summer.

Now maybe I'm just a pollyanna-happy-pants, but whenever something ends I have this auto-mechanism that kicks in and condenses my memories into a sort of Best Of collection. So if someone asks me how summer is I flash through my collection of trampolining and lunching and beaching and concerting and such and proclaim it unequivocally delightful. I just don't have that much space in the old noggin and fun memories are perhaps less complex and take less effort to recall. So I do like summer. Especially today when the Best of Summer 2007! collection has been released.

The collection includes yesterday, which I was too tired to post about earlier. Here's another fun fact about me: if someone calls me in the morning and invites me to the outer beach I will drop everything and go. This does not always please Chris, who sometimes wakes up to find a note "gone to outer beach, back in 8 hours or so".

I have always been this way, since the first time I discovered there was such a thing as an Outer Beach. So I remind Chris that he had full disclosure and he married me anyway.

Granted, back in those early days I would scan the beach and see groups of adults - you know, people with responsible jobs who had either grown kids or small kids or no kids - and wonder why they bothered coming out. Really, they just sit there.

Yesterday as I was watching a bunch of 13 year olds learn to surf I looked back at our group and answered that question for myself (15 years later).
1) we like each other
2) we like sitting around
3) we like the food
4) it's freaking beautiful and if I'm ever in a comma please just drop me there because I will STILL love it.

The new food item was a slice of nectarine topped with a piece of soft blue cheese. The cheese was something between Gorgonzola and Camembert. Oh.

Cheese-topped-nectarine is the new raspberry square.

And now it's fall, and things are different yet better, if possible. In the .75 mile drive to my first cup of coffee I encountered 2 instances of friendly driving. I even commited one myself, so that makes 3. I'm telling you, everything's different after labor day.

and behold, it was very good.

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