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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

invisible friends

A day or so ago (I don't actually know because we're talking Time Zones here), someone linked me in her blog. Because she didn't mention me by name, I clicked the link and then shook my computer a couple of times to figure out what was wrong. Why was I looking at my own page? Sometimes I'm not as smart as I pretend to be.

I was, of course, ridiculously pleased when I figured it all out. And I know that I should link her too, but I can't. I can't because there's still a little piece of 7th grader in me who is not so interested in sharing friends. Okay true, I have never and probably will never meet her. But I don't like the idea of people wanting to talk about her blog with me. You know, implying that they know her better and that they're better friends and so forth. And then the next thing you know they're calling me and telling me what she's done next, totally ruining the surprise when I sit down and check in on all my favorite writers.

So there. And since I'm not giving it up, I'll entice you further. I encountered her blog just before she started with one of those dating services. She went on A Lot of dates. And then she met someone she liked and dumped all the others (without even asking us). What has ensued sometimes makes me forget that I am reading someone's journal. It's more like a novel, where she gives just enough information to make us wonder What On Earth will happen next. And because I think it's a novel I go out of my mind when she casually mentions that she sometimes hears noises in her house and that it was comforting to have her dog except now she doesn't have the dog..... In a novel you can't possibly have mysterious noises and no companion canine unless.... oh unless.... and all those dates and the mysterious boyfriend whose job sometimes takes him out of town.....

It's all very compelling.

And maybe sometime I will grow up and share her with you. If I do (or if you find her on your own), please remember and never forget, she was my friend first.

Oh, and for the people reading this who actually know her - please disregard the bit about me being friends with her first. See, I am a totally fair and reasonable 7th grader.


Lisa said...

This is an interesting phenomenon that seems to permeate the blogging world, as I've heard other bloggers mention similar things. My own quirky version is that I'll share my blog finds with my online friends (on forums and the like), but not with my real life friends, or on my blog that I know my real life friends read.

Online realities are funny things...

By the way, *your* blog is my secret "I'm Not Going To Share/It's Mine, All Mine" find!

Susan said...

Lisa - This is a gigantic relief! I almost deleted the post this morning because I couldn't believe I had admitted to such behavior. I'm glad I left it, if just for the knowledge that my blog is being hoarded somewhere. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Su-su, I am glad you didn't delete it. Speaking as one of your favourite writers (yes, it's me!) I feel SO VERY BIG HEADED now about the whole thing. And thanks for not linking to me, better for people to find things on their own I think.
ps. I have copied your post now for future gloating. Feel free to delete it should the mood take you.
pps. we are all 7th graders inside. Let's agree that if we meet we will make matching daisy-chain bracelets and be bestest friends.

Susan said...

Daisy chain bracelets! I'm in!

Ranzige Bunzing said...

What I really enjoy about "the other blog" is that I sometimes post a comment there and she (or is it a she? one never really knows) comments on my blog, yes, we even make references to each other in our own blog. And I've never met her and never will, most likely. But still we're part of each others cyber-life. I like sharing these things, with the knowledge she will never find out I'm a 12-year old girl, living in Taiwan. Or am I?