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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

it's not over until the lobster swims away

We go to an End of Summer bash with the same people every year. It's on the beach and we do all the right beach things - volleyball, bocce, frisbee, kite flying, slip-n-sliding....

The slip-n-slide was new this year. As I walked across the parking lot I thought to myself hmm, I wonder what the hose is for? And then I saw the plastic trough laid out next to the path down the dune. At first I was a little sad I didn't bring my bathing suit. And then I noticed how everyone was a little worse for wear. As fun as it looks like it might be.... not so much in real life. Sand is hard, people.

Every year they liberate a lobster, picked randomly from the enormous pile of lobsters headed into the pot. In my opinion, it's the highlight of the evening - mostly because it gives me yet another opportunity to sing the theme from Born Free. And who doesn't want that?

To the untrained eye, there was no kite flying this year. But then you notice a fishing rod in one of those fishing rod holder thingies and there is fishing line attached to the rod and the rod is bending - as if there were a fish on the line. But there's not. There's a kite on the end of the line and it is just a wee speck of a thing up there. If you haven't noticed already, many of the people we know don't do things normally.

These are all the things you can't do when there are actual people around. It's just amazing the difference a day makes. Yesterday, the beach was packed with people. Today, it's us. Now you might say that we single-handedly ran everyone off and you may have a point, but I'm pretty sure it's the same story at the beaches we didn't set up camp on.

But how will we ever know? Because next year, we'll just do it all over again. Except maybe for the slip-n-slide.

be free!


Sturdy Girl said...

You're lucky to have "alone" time on the beach!

I have never freed a lobster, but our tradition was of course to let the kids race them before putting them in the pot.

PS. I love the slip and slide but I think I'm getting close to the "break a hip" age.

Susan said...

Oh yes, lobster races! Except my memories of lobster races are from my own childhood, wherein I am standing on a coffee table screaming and pointing and crying as that horrible clawed crustacean came closer and closer.....

I can't do the coffee table thing now because I'd break a hip.