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Sunday, September 2, 2007

laboring to finish my dinner

If I never eat again it may possibly be too soon.

Unfortunately, this I Have Eaten Entirely Too Much feeling comes on the heels of a major epiphany. The epiphany is (or was) this: According to those body mass index thingies online I do not need to lose weight. I have never considered this to be reason enough not to want to lose weight. But then I thought, hmmm, I eat pretty well, I'm quite active and I don't generally need help getting out of chairs. Maybe I'm fine. Because I think it's STUPID to devote part of my life and attention span to reaching a goal that doesn't actually matter to me (or Chris).

So there. And then I went to a party and ate my entire body mass index in raspberry squares. As a result, I have a new friend who knows how to make said raspberry squares and she's starting a job very near my house and would be able to drop them off on her way to work. She seems very nice so I'm sure she wouldn't mind doing this for me.

The grilled eggplant sandwiches with goat cheese, tomatoes and olive tapenade Completely Rocked. If you have eggplants growing in your garden, scamper out right now and make some sandwiches.

In case we felt like we were missing something, we had the live stage cam from the Beachcomber running so we could listen to the Incredible Casuals show. It blinked out for a little while, but came back just in time for us to hear my very own Chris sing a few songs. I can honestly say, I have never enjoyed those three songs as much as I did today.*

After lunch they took the boat out with that tube thing and people hung on for dear life. I always thought that looked like fun until I watched and realized that the goal of the boat driver is to send the tube rider flying. It's like riding the bull. The first person out returned to shore with not only white knuckles but literally white fingers from hanging on so tight. Perhaps I'll have another raspberry square and stick to spectating. Besides, I'd want to be wearing a one piece bathing suit for something like that.

And then after the water sport portion of our day, we fired up the grill and made dinner.

Oh I do love a good holiday.

*they made him sing three songs from "Oklahoma!", which is the most loathsome of musicals. And this from someone who thinks the phrase "loathsome musical" is redundant.


Liz said...

Prepare for a dislocated shoulder (this from experience while a t UMass) and definitely wear a one piece bathing suit for tubing. There are years of bathing suits floating in the lake near Wells, Vt. Perhaps the beavers have included them in their dams for some visual delight.

Susan said...

HA! Oh Liz, thank you! I would hate to see wildlife using my bathing suit as an awning. Maybe a wetsuit is in order, for some extra padding.