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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

marital arts

Here's a change. When we first got married we had our little privacy issues. This is what happens when you've been married to single living longer than many people are married to each other.

So tonight I've started handling his billing for oh, possibly the eleventy-seventh time. The problem with me handling his billing has been that I have to say, essentially, "where were you today and what were you doing and from when to when and with whom?" And when we've tried this in the past I've sometimes been met with "why are you asking me these questions?!?! Where do you think I've been and don't you think I'm working hard enough?!?!?! Do you not like our posh lifestyle?????"

But he hates billing. He hates keeping track of his hours. And so he has BEGGED me to please try again and to be VILIGENT (which is diligently vigilant) in asking him these oh-so-painful questions just after dinner every night.

Our marriage, it seems, has evolved. And not just because of tonight. The other day I came home and Chris had my laptop on his desk with a cable running from it to his computer and files were being copied from somewhere to somewhere else. I didn't actually care enough to ask him what was happening but he did volunteer that my C drive was critically full and on the brink of a nervous breakdown. So he transferred some files and made everything all better. Great! And at some point I thought, hmm, he could have been copying all my personal files so he can know everything there is to know about me.

And the very thought of this would have made me completely crazy Back In The Day. But now it makes me chuckle a bit. In fact, if he actually went through all my stuff and processed all my personal information without me brainwashing him in his sleep I would probably die of shock. You know, like if one day he remembered my European shoe size.

I'm telling you, he doesn't even know his own shoe size.

Because that's my domain. We were at a bowling party once and I was a little behind the group, shepherding the kids and all. And I heard this wave of giggles and knew my husband had done something. Apparently when the bowling shoe guy asked Chris his shoe size he said "I don't know, how would I know that? Honeeeey??????"

Which is all just to say... I have no idea what my point is.

But a side effect of the blog is that Chris actually knows where I was and what I was doing and from when to when and with whom because he checks in from time to time and finds out. With the blog, not me. Because if you want him to read something, put it online.

In unrelated news, I have signed up for a kick-boxing class.

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