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Monday, September 17, 2007

poof, you're a newt

Here's what I do when I'm nervous about something. I go over it in my head, step by step over and over, until I've completed the trip/project/brain surgery successfully in my head at least once. Our first flight with Lucy went this way. I would lie in bed at night picturing how on earth we were going to get into the airport with her carseat, pack & play, mobile kitchen, toy vault and 2 weeks worth of clothes. I ran the scenario over and over until finally I could see us, with all our stuff, careening through the terminal. And it would have worked too, except on our way out the door Chris said "here, can you carry these headphones a few cd's and this cd player for me?" Balance skewed, never to be righted.

But this is totally off the point. The point is, I successfully purchased all the necessary items at A.C Moore, including but not restricted to a hot glue gun.

The other thing I do when I'm nervous about something is to get totally ready for a project - buy all the stuff, tell everyone I'm doing it - and then put it aside until it's too late (ie party's over) because I'm so afraid of not doing it right. Better to not do it at all, right?

And so it is with great pride and some gloating that I tell you of my numerous hot glue burns. Oh, and my COMPLETED FAIRY WANDS! On the very same day as I bought the stuff! And they're not even an embarrassment to the fairy community! I would take pictures and show you but it is dark and I'm sure they'll be even more photogenic in the daylight. Oh, and if I do post a picture, please don't make fun of them. I mean, you can make fun of them in the you-are-a-daft-cow sort of way. But I'm warning you, I've got a dozen fairy wands and I'm not afraid to use them.

So where are all the people banging down my door telling me how much their daughter can't wait to come? I had a friend in college who would plan these huge parties and then start fretting at about 4pm that no one would come and he would be passed out in a closet by the time the party started. I'm not the passing-out-in-a-closet sort, but I might be found sitting in my yard, wearing my wings and waving my wand listlessly if no one comes. With fairy dust in my hair.

So they better come, or I will turn them all into something small and squirmy, and feed them to my chickens.


Lois B said...

Yay for fairy wands!!!! Congratulations!! I can hardly wait to see them. I am inspired. I am back to the sewing machine right now. I, too, am in the fairy goods production mode but I won't tell you about that yet. I will let it be a surprise .....

Sturdy Girl said...

Woo hoo! Wands! By the way I do the exact same planning when it comes to travel. That's why I'm usually exhausted before I even leave.