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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The shortest distance between two pieces of music

Just in case anyone needed to know this, Barber's Adagio for Strings is the saddest piece of music ever written. I don't mean that it's the saddest piece of music ever written in the sense that "We Built this City" is the saddest excuse for a song ever written. It's just heart-wrenching.

I was once at a party and the Barber Adagio came on. Listen people, put together a playlist. This is no time to rely on radio. If you don't know what I'm talking about, google it and have a listen. It's definitely going to be the end of a party.

So of course my local classical station had to play it this morning as a tribute, along with the National Anthem and Fanfare for the Common Man. They may have played something after Fanfare, but I was not in the car. I was out of the car, looking for a tissue.

So I did what I thought was best for my country and also for my personal sense of well being. I fueled the economy. The yarn shop brought up my spirits a bit. I came away with yarn for a Studley sweater and a Lucy jumper. I offered Lucy a sweater but she was very fond of the jumpers I knit her last year and requested another one. Yes, I realize that my time for this is limited. The things I've made her are her favorite things to wear and she always tells everybody I made them. I expect any day she will reject anything without a proper tag and I am bracing myself for the "oh, mom, puh-leeeeeze" phase. I just hope the phase doesn't last into adulthood (as it did in my case).

And speaking of Lucy's enormous appreciation of me, I had a lovely email from Amber today (hi Amber!). She noted that the blog would be a nice way for the kids to get to see who I am in real life - separate from the person who makes their sandwiches every morning. "It... makes me think about how lucky your kids are going to be when they (I’m sorry to say it) Grow Up and wish they knew you as a person better. They now have the perfect venue not only to remember all the cool little things in their everyday life, but to really know you as a person in addition to as Mommy."

How cool is that? I mean, Someone Is Actually Reading My Blog!

And if you are Someone Who Is Reading My Blog and you happen to like "We Built This City", I am sorry for the slur. If it's any consolation, I am a closet fan of "Brick House."


Fred said...

I'm only a fan of "We Built This City" when the White Prince sings it!

I still have two sweaters that my mom knit for me - 20+ years and probably close to 100 pounds ago - and I still wear them. Well, I would wear the really nice turtleneck except that it's too darn warm! But the off-white crewneck? Sure, it's stretched quite a bit, but I can still wear it - and do - and I get great compliments about it - and I always tell people proudly that my mom made it.

It was the last thing she ever knit. Oh, she continued to do all sorts of other crafts, including some amazingly intricate lacework, but she said knitting my sweater put her back and shoulders into such knots that it took several visits to the chiropractor before she was back to normal - so no more knitting.

It was my favorite sweater before my mom died - can a favorite become even more favorite? If so, this one has.

So ... don't you worry ... if'n'ever Lulu comes to roll her eyes at handmade clothes, I'm sure she'll come around full circle later on.

Oh ... and thanks for reminding me about that sweater ... I need to make sure it's nice'n'clean for the fall!

tess said...

I'm a fan of "we built this city," but only when I'm in that really cheezy light rock type of mood that gets me listening to foreigner and chicago...

My mom never knit things for me, but I have taken to making all sorts of things for my son. When he was a toddler, I crocheted a trio of small stuffed animals. Eventhough he's fast approaching 9 yrs old, he still sleeps with them. Last year I made an afghan for his bed that he absolutely adores, and after that, he started asking me for things =D

It's the absolute best feeling in the world to have him come with me to the yarn store and say "mom, can you make me a sweater?" Of course, I can't do that all the time, but I did compromise for making him a knit cap and scarf last winter =)

Maybe this year I'll try my hand at a sweater for him. I've already done one for myself, and though it is blobby and oversized (I should have used a different yarn than I did) it is the warmest most comfortable thing on earth =D

Susan said...

Fred, this will make me knit even faster, with love and gratitude in my heart! I'm looking forward to seeing the sweater. Maybe it will even get cold enough for the turtleneck!

And Tess, wow - crochet! It must be so, so gratifying to see him sleep with those. Are you forever waking him with camera flashes? And I love that you are making him stuff by request. Lucky bugger.