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Saturday, September 8, 2007


Today was the wedding with the extra beautiful invitation with gold leaf and hand-stamped squid. The lettering was so spectacular I finally gave up and emailed Kate to find out if they were individually done. You know, after the carbon dating, ink sample, and dna testing failed. I felt a little like I was turning over my teacup to establish if it was Rosenthal or Limoge.

They wrote their own tear-invoking vows. It is noticeable to the naked eye how much they light up each other's lives. I have heard that you should marry the person who brings out the best in you, and although I did not know him before he was "them", I would venture to say this is probably true of them. She has blossomed, this I know.

And why wouldn't she, when he does things like make all the food for today? I can't do the spread justice, but picture probably 4 banquet tables packed with bowls and platters of incredibly delicious offerings. Tony, if you ever come across this post will you please give a menu run down in the comments? Seriously, it was ridiculous. Apricot chicken and salmon and two other kinds of fish and a crazy cheese platter and roasted vegetables and eggplant Parmesan and a Big Bowl of Whipped Goat Cheese! I don't even know what half the stuff on my plate was. It was heaven.

And now for the embarrassing part. I spent much of the reception trying not to run up to Lili Taylor and say "oh-oh-oh-I-loved-you-so-much-as-Valerie-Solanas, will-you-PLEASE-be-my-best-friend?" In fact, I was so worried about this that I was probably stalking her. I kept looking to see where she was because I was afraid I would turn around and she'd be right in front of me and I'd scream or possibly cake would come out my nose. Our mutual friend assures me she's completely awesome and down to earth but I am NOT completely awesome and down to earth and I just couldn't take it.

There you have it.

So instead I spent some time in the tree house with Lucy. It is intensely cool. Lucy and her little sidekick spent quite a bit of time dashing through the flower bestrewn arbor, and at one point they found sunflowers and blackeyed Susans and danced their own little pagan wedding blessing. They also found the tray that the cake had been on (before we swooped in on it like a scene from The Birds). They kept creeping off and once we tracked them and documented them stuffing handfuls of crumbs into their little chocolate-covered mouths. Oh, to be them.

And finally, I think I have a future as a food stylist.

Christopher, this one's for you.


Fred said...

I can't believe I get home from the same wedding ... and you've already blogged about it!

Lady Trout is absolutely correct about the spread ... there's just no way for we mere mortals to do it justice in words ...

Susan said...

Okay Fred, you found me out. I actually wrote that three weeks ago, knowing it would go off EXACTLY as I wrote.

Or maybe I'm a pansy and left HOURS before you did.

You dedide.