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Thursday, October 11, 2007

about that yurt we've been meaning to build

Last night Heather babysat our kids from the comfort of her own part of the house thanks to the amazing technology of Baby Monitors.

Today Heather reported that she had no idea Lucy knew so many songs. Or that she could count to 116. Or repeat the months of the year over and over again. When a tree falls in a forest and there's no one around to hear it, does it sing "dum-deedle-dee-dum"?

Lucy is one of those children who doesn't talk to people. She has perfected the Deer in Headlights look. She doesn't speak during the day because she has no words left after she sings/talks/chants herself to sleep. The child Will Not Stop Yapping. Right now she is singing "four little monkeys, jumping on the bed." I think she may have started at 116 monkeys.

As long as we're talking about Heather and trees falling in forests, I'd like to remind you how nature abhors a vacuum. I should also remind you that I have been scurrying bags of things to Goodwill as fast as my little legs will carry me (see numerous previous posts about me scurrying to Goodwill). I can't see progress, but it has been made. Because it is backfiring.

Not for me, I'm fine. But I did drive up the other day and notice a Ryder truck parked in our driveway. "Oh goody, we're moving!" I thought. But then I noticed that furniture was coming out of the truck, not going in. Curious, I watched as family and friends carried furniture into the house, like very large ants with very, very big crumbs. I watched, waiting to see the walls expand outward. They did not. The next day, it happened again.

Now I have always been very good about giving people privacy within our house. I mean, it's the least we can do, right? But I am Loosing My Mind wondering what it looks like at the end of the hall downstairs. Heather is twitching a bit, so it can't be completely good yet. Did I mention that the rooms in question were already fully furnished? Sometimes furniture is like one of those puzzles where you slide the little squares around and only have one little square space to move things into. One at a time. And then, just when you think all is lost, there's a picture where there once was chaos.

Here's what I think we should do: get one of those pod things (okay, a small village of pods) and move all our stuff - every last toothbrush from all seven inhabitants - into the pods. And then move back in after we've cleaned and repainted. We'd only move the things back in that we really really like (our toothbrushes).

I think it's important to move every so often because it makes you get rid of all your unwanted stuff. Except my mom, who had professional movers and brought boxes of cake mix across the country. This may be the one time my mother was not right.

But here I am going on and on about my mother and her cake mix when you've read all this way for the sole purpose of finding out what we did last night that warranted a babysitter.

Chris had to work. Poor Chris.

But while he worked, I went to Tiki Port* with a bunch of friends. Let me just say that any restaurant with a curio cabinet/gift shop in the entryway is just bound to be a good time. As it turns out, I should have studied the drink menu more carefully. All the drinks come in fabulous glasses:

So of course you choose what drink you want according to what glass it comes in. By the time I arrived the table was speckled with Volcano Bowls. And my friends were singing "four little monkeys, jumping on the bed."

Some of the drinks come in glasses that you get to take home with you. I wanted one of these, but... where would I put it?

We all went to Tiki Port so we could have dinner with our friends who are moving to Colorado in not very many days. Now while I'm pretty much okay with anything that gets us out of the house, I am still not okay with this particular occasion. And the fortunes were TERRIBLE. Mine said "the vacation can wait. Take care of your work first." Whatever. I rubbed the Buddha belly in the atrium for about 20 minutes, so I should be writing about my vacation VERY SOON. Phooey on fortunes.

*I don't know if rubbing the Buddha belly on your monitor works, but it's worth a try.


Lisa said...

How have I missed Tiki Port? Usually we end up at Sam Diegos (sp?) which also has a gift counter! I'll have to look for it next time.

Susan said...

mmmm, love those jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzels. I think they have glasses shaped like boots, if I remember correctly. Must be something about that particular street - Novelty Glass Row.