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Friday, October 19, 2007

and it was alright

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about musicals. You probably know my stance on musicals, but in case you missed it, I'm not a fan.

It turns out my friend had the Sound of Music album when she was little and played it over and over again. She acted out parts. She sang. Endlessly.

Finally her brother, who just couldn't take it anymore, threatened to break her album. And then he did something I see Lucy do all the time with Studley - he offered her something else to distract her from the annoying thing she was doing. He gave her rock and roll. She specifically mentioned The Velvet Underground.

I told this story to another friend about an hour later. She didn't have an older brother but there was a cousin or a friend's brother or someone who did the same thing for her. She also mentioned the Velvet Underground (as well as Boomtown Rats).

They are both in bands.


Sturdy Girl said...

I too listened to the Sound of Music Soundtrack repeatedly for at least 2 years.

I didn't join a band a band though or have anyone to distract me. No interventions for me.

damn disfunctional family.

Susan said...

Ha! I didn't do the Sound of Music thing, but I did play the tracks off our Kingston Trio album. No intervention for me either.

Liz said...

Now that I am too far away for you to punch in the arm - I was Gretl in the Sound of Music production put on by St. Margarets Episcopal Camp when I was 8.