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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

anger issues

Today in a music store I watched as someone dropped a guitar on the floor and stomped it to splinters. He said something like "that should give them some idea of what's wrong with it."


Lisa said...

Seriously? An adult?

Fred said...


perhaps someone should stomp on that guy until he's in splinters and then say "there, that should give him an idea what's wrong"

ok ... no ... I'm not really advocating violence (or even violins ... though there have been times I've considered stomping on a violin until it was in splinters ... did I ever tell you that I used to date an elemetary school stringed instument teacher/orchestra conductor?)

so ... did you witness any response from the music store people?

Susan said...

Yep, Lisa and Fred, it's true. Isn't it nice I don't have to make this stuff up?

Response from music store people was (and I quote): "do you feel better now?"