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Friday, October 5, 2007

assorted noticings

Local Color:
There are tour buses around here all the time. Why not, it's scenic and stuff. But why do they all make a stop at the Christmas Tree Shop? Is it featured in the tour flyer?

The Christmas Tree Shop in Hyannis has a belltower. Today it was playing the theme from the Adams Family. It has a note missing, so it's not immediately evident that it's playing the theme from the Adams Family. Maybe we're supposed to clap on the missing syllables. And Adams was their name-o.

For about 5 minutes this afternoon I was sitting in a hammock with a cup of tea, watching Studley play with his friend Alice. I thought "sheesh, this motherhood stuff is breezy." And then, of course, all heck broke loose.

I almost died in kickboxing today. All was going well and then the teacher told us to get 9 pound bars. So we did, meekly. It's a bar that looks like a quarter staff and I thought she was going to teach us to spar. My friend Liz is pretty good at this stuff and can do it in full medieval velvet regalia. She rocks.

But no, we put them in front of us and were told to jump back and forth over them. Imagine hopping over a rolling pin - front, back, front, back. All I could picture was accidentally grazing it or landing right on it and fwing! out it would go from under me. Splat. I got a great workout because even though I stopped doing it fairly quickly, every single muscle in my body remained tense until.... well, now.

Finally, my mom compared my kickboxing class to the Jazzercise class she took when I was a kid. See? No matter how hip you are, you're not. 20 years from now, I'll get the "I can't believe you thought you were so cool pretending you were Carrie Ann Moss" from Lucy while she takes who-knows-what at her local gym.


Sturdy Girl said...

ouch. the jazzercise comment kind of hurt my stomach - like I was punched or stabbed or something! I remember those moments (approximately like 2 minutes) when I'd think I had the easiest job in the world. And then I remembered I didn't.

Susan said...

Yes, Sturdy Girl, Jazzercize. The real problem of Jazzercise was the clothing. I wore such things and thought I was so All That.

And I am just now realizing that "as a kid", in my book, is anything before the age of 30.

Liz said...

Quarterstaff may be lighter but my knuckles were sore for weeks and the bruises on my arms and legs??!!! I can't even think about it. ::shudder::