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Monday, October 8, 2007

bike riding

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? To me it seemed completely impossible, like I was supposed to learn how to defy physics. And when I did it - wow! the world was my oyster. I mean really, how could ANYTHING be harder than that? As my friend Sue said, she felt like she was pretty much ready to move out of the house. She could talk, she could ride a bike, how much more life prep could there be?

I still don't understand physics, but I'm sure glad I learned how to ride a bike. And so I must be brave and strong and let my kids do it too. Lucy's been tinkering for awhile now. We did that New Parent thing a few years ago and gave her a Radio Flyer tricycle one Christmas when she was much too young. It looked so cute under the tree, we couldn't resist. It was always hard for her, so she kind of skipped the tricycle part and has now set her sites on her pink and purple training-wheel shod bike.

Really, it was our family ride that got her motivated. She's a quick study and she figured out that she could either wait for me to repeat the ride with her (her tagalong is attached to my bike), or she could reproduce that feeling of euphoria herself. She also knows that before last weekend, my bike had been in the basement for years. So she got on her own bike. I dutifully walked back and forth in front of our driveway as she pedaled. And then Chris took a shift, with Studley following behind. I retreated to the kitchen.

And then I heard crying. Shrieking. I stepped out on my porch and pinpointed the sound as coming from exactly halfway around our block. I must have looked like a squirrel in the middle of a 4-way intersection. Which way to go? Do I drive? My neighbors are lucky I didn't take a short cut through their livingrooms.

I intercepted them and walked Lucy the rest of the way home. She showed me her injury, which was the size of one of the l's in "laughably small". Nothing a Hello Kitty bandaid wouldn't fix. She was Completely Unable to use her hand for the rest of the day. Held it up in the air like a trophy.

She "needed" the bandage changed after dinner and since Daddy couldn't find Hello Kitty she settled for pirates.

And then she went back out for another ride.


rain said...

Just had a bit of a read through your blog. Found it aimlessly meandering around the Fun Monday neighbourhoods (me, not your blog)! I like it - can I come back?

Susan said...

Come back anytime! I'll put the kettle on. You may want to bring a helmet.