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Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun Monday flip flopping

So my new friend Robin over at Pensieve is part of a group that writes on specific subjects every Monday. Last week I put in my two cents on her blog and wound up writing about my not very photogenic dinner. This week she is hosting it, and I think in all fairness I need to join the party (instead of crashing it). Here's her request:
Shoes tell a lot about a person and we wanna delve deeply into your soul sole. Photograph your favorite pair--or pairs--of shoes and tell us a little about why they're near and dear to your toes heart (I can't wait to see how Swampy ties this in to Breast Cancer Awareness!). Follow in Jenny's footsteps and make a foot-family portrait...show us your baby bronzed booties...let us see the shoes YOU HAD TO HAVE (but have never worn)...or all those grotesquely dyed-to-match formerly white satin bridemaid's shoes that were worn ONCE...the reinforced steel-toe boots that saved your big toe from being hacked off in that industrial "accident"...or, just take pictures of your nekkid feet--gnarly bunions, twin toes, or perfectly OPI-pedicured tootsies.Funmondaylogo_2

My favorite shoes, bar none, are my flip flops. I love them because I wear them all summer and they are perfect with everything. They are perfect with everything because I live in a place where flip flops are what one wears in the summer. And to take it one step further, I live where I live because I can wear flip flops all summer.

It hasn't always been this way. When I first moved here I heard a lot of "you're not from here, are you?" I worked in an art gallery and dressed the way I thought I was supposed to dress. And then I sort of eased into flip flops. You know, with kitten heels and such.

And then I had Lucy and everything went topsy-turvey and when I came out of the spin-cycle that was the first 6 months of her life I had reinvented my career, my home and my lifestyle. They were all very good changes - primarily because all three became more relaxed.

For starters, I began working from home. People always think that folks who work from home sit around in their bunny slippers, drinking coffee and chatting with the neighbor. This is a misconception and on any given day it is only two-thirds true.

For instance, there are meetings and when your home looks like mine it's just not a good idea to have those meetings at the home office (see many, many references to shoddy housekeeping). So on go the flip flops and off you go. Now you may be thinking "good heavens that's so unprofessional, who would hire her?" And you would be right and the answer would be, "people who are also wearing flip flops." I like working for these people. They are nice. They are flexible. They have their priorities all sorted out. And they pay promptly.

Now with all that said, I do not like ALL flip flops. My favorites are my Reefs - especially the ones with the thin straps. This is the newest pair:

I took the picture on our porch and not on the beach because flip flops are totally worthless in the sand. They make it hard to walk and they flip sand up your skirt with every step. So much for being iconic beach wear.

Reefs are good because they don't lacerate your feet when worn repeatedly. And they do have some support. The ones with the bottle opener built into the bottom are just silly.

It is starting to get a little too chilly for my beloved flips. I will hold out as long as possible, but eventually they will move to the back of the closet and be replaced by warmer clothing. It will then officially be Dansko Clog Season.


lisa's chaos said...

Hi, nice to "meet" you, this is my first time here. Flip flops all the time? I've never heard for Reefs but they look cute!

Pamela said...

you know... I can't get over calling flip flops thongs!!!

shows my age. And I can't wear EITHER!!!!

min said...

I love flip flop people too. It kinda makes you think there's hope for the world when you see someone wearing thongs. (Did you hear me, Pamela? I said,"THONGS")

ChrisB said...

My crocs rather overtook my flip flops this year except when it was very hot (and that wasn't too often in the UK this yr)!! Thongs LOL!!

Karmyn R said...

Too funny - I used to call flipflops "thongs" too. I own one pair - but they always rub that spot b/n my toes, so have given them up. (When I wear them I find myself gripping too much too).

Welcome to Fun MOnday.

Deb said...

Shoes ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I love flip flops, even in the death of winter!

Susan said...

Hello everyone and welcome to the Towers!
Lisa- yes, Reefs are all about cute and come in about 900 colors. To be fair I sometimes wear other shoes because I like buying shoes and have to justify them somehow.

Pamela - It took me awhile to shift from "thongs" (which I now think of as underwear). That's what we called them in Colorado. I think they're also sometimes called "slaps".

Min- there does seem to be an unspoken "I'm okay, you're okay" thing with people who wear "thongs". Maybe it's the answer to global peace.

Chris B - on my porch I have a pair of crocs I use in the garden. So comfortable and I can hose them off... And are thongs underwear in the UK?

Karmyn - "gripping with my toes" - I've noticed that Exercise Sandals are back. And I hear you about the rubbing between the toes bit. If you're going to be uncomfortable, go with something sexier and make it worth it.

Oh Deb, shoes do rock. Every time a box comes from Zappos my husband says, "but honey, you already have shoes...."