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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Girls Night Out

I need to remember to go easy on the eye makeup when I go to the ballet. It's not even the ones with sad stories that get me. It's the music, the costumes, the whole being there thing.

But I have questions. First, how do the dancers avoid static cling? All those wafty costumes, and no static cling. If I wore a tutu and tights I'd have so much static built up by the time I got to my front door the tutu would be stuck to my legs - along with some stray plastic bags, a bunch of cat hair and some assorted socks. If I could work out the static problem, I would totally wear a tutu to work.

I can't think what the other questions were, but I'm sure they were important.

So we went to Boston Ballet tonight and saw La Sylphide and Serenade. I love love love Serenade. You don't have to know what's going on. The costumes are simple. It's just stunning. Oh, and the music. Is there anything lovelier than Serenade for Strings?

This was my first time with La Sylphide. There's this fairy (who was very convincingly fairy-like) and this other girl and these two guys who are squabbling over the other girl except that the one guy kind of digs the sylph. They die.

The second half of La Sylphide was my favorite. I'm partial to those ballets in which the corps de ballet appears in tutus - whether they are swans, wilis, sylphs, or those white visions* in that ballet where the hero has smoked way too much opium. What's that one? Where they just keep appearing, in a line?

It's been ages since I've been to the ballet. I used to subscribe, but it's one of those things I let fall by the wayside when Lucy was born. But I got right back into the swing of things. We went early because there are such great restaurants to chose from around the theater, like Panang - a Malaysian restaurant. And then we still had time to do a little shopping at the ballet gift counter.

Here are two more great things about Boston Ballet. 1) performances are at the Wang Center, which is over the top ornate. 2) the ushers say things like "can I help you, girls?" This always makes me feel like I'm still in college and finding my rush seat.

It is good to be back. Prepare for more really highbrow ballet reviews in the future.

the Wang Center

* an alert reader informs me they are the shades in La Bayadère.


Sturdy Girl said...

I'm planning a birthday night out for Bunny at the ballet and I can't wait. Love the Wang Center.

rain said...

Look at that place! I have to get on a ferry for two hours and then drive to get anywhere near a major ballet. We do get smaller companies and of course, the local ballet school's yearly performance. Katie did Thumbellina a couple of years back. She wore a pink tutu and that's all I cared about.

Susan said...

Sturdy Girl - oh that lucky Bunny.

Rain - How could you handle watching your daughter on stage in a pink tutu? I would lose it entirely. Did you take a box of tissues? Did your face hurt from all the smiling?

thefoodsnob said...

Lucky, lucky you! I was in a ballet company when I was young'er.' :)
I have never seen one on Boston, and I have to wonder why? Hmm..