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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well that was underwhelming.

We shook down three neighbors, which was slightly up from last year. Last year Lucy got scared at the second house and wanted to go home. This year Studley marched straight into the first house and headed for their kitchen. What was I to do? I had to dart in and grab him. And then there we were, standing in someone's living room. We ended up in all three houses, which is just not how I planned on modeling the trick-or-treat process. We will probably be the parents who drive behind our children when they are teens - lights out, a block back. Very sneaky. Oh, and Lucy said "no thank you" to seconds.

I have a problem with that last part, because it's not Lucy who's eating the candy and she has no right to reject it. We are collecting candy for Trixie, the Trick-or-Treat Witch.

Every year, the kids have the option of leaving their haul out for Trixie (forgive me if I've already told you about this). Trixie takes their treats and leaves them some kind of little toy. Every year Lucy thinks about keeping her candy and then, at the last minute, succumbs to What's Behind Door Number Two. Who, after all, can stand the suspense?

Lucy always likes what Trixie leaves. Studley likes pretty much everything. And Trixie likes it best when the neighbors are handing out chocolate. This was a good year for Trixie.

Oh, and our neighbor across the street complimented us on our fairy realm. She said she loved watching the fairies dance in the ribbons all afternoon.

And another neighbor mentioned our chickens. Apparently her sister-in-law once lived in our house and also had chickens. The ghost of chickens past. I think everyone in town has, at one point or another, lived in our house.

We were hoping to see baby Tex, but he was not to be found so we headed to Mahoney's. Everyone ends up there sooner or later. And he did. He was a bug.

We had some appetizers and then pumpkin bread pudding because you have to eat something pumpkiny on Halloween, right?

Happy Halloween.

Oh, and an extra special Heigh Ho to our former neighbors who once gave Lucy a potato. Trust us, we'll never forget you.


thefoodsnob said...

A potato?!
You just can't make that up!
I wish I had thought about a Trixie for our house long ago, now it's just the mysterious missing candy at night when the kids are sleeping! (shhhh!)


Susan said...

Yes, Lisa, a potato. I swear by all the candy I have stowed away for later - Lucy received a potato from our friends down the street.