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Friday, October 12, 2007

history, geography - what's next?

My inlaw's inlaws were in town today. Since they are my inlaw's inlaws it didn't occur to me to clean up. It hardly ever occurs to me to clean up, much less when there's such a small chance of someone dropping in. So wouldn't you know, they dropped in for a visit.

As it turns out, my sister-in-law's husband's brother's wife is from north eastern Burma and thinks that American homes, with their "a place for everything and everything in its place" coiffed style, are a little creepy. Oh boy did she feel at home in my house. Interestingly, Studley adored her immediately and pretty much leaped into her arms. Her husband (my sister-in-law's husband's brother) tells us his wife is from a rural "hunter gatherer" community where they are extra extra crazy about their kids. I think he said something like "they're nice to them." Studley must have sensed this. If he could talk a little more I'd quiz him on why he thinks she's so nice. What is it they're doing that we're not? Are we not nice?

After they left I zipped off to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age with, appropriately, Elizabeth. We saw the first one together, so it was only right that we go see this one together. I pretty much knew what happened because I have read The Lowbrow Guide to World History and I know all there is to know about everything (except for a few puzzling bits which Liz, my medieval art history expert, was able to clear up. It's all in the tapestries, my friends).

We shared a bucket of popcorn which required its own seat. What do you do with leftover popcorn? Make soup? strata? a casserole?

And why are movies still interesting when you know what's going to happen? Here comes the Spanish Armada! Nooooooo! Obviously, it's the clothes. Because we know what will happen but not what Cate Blanchett will wear when it's happening. Like the angel-winged wafty thing in the scene where... (see? I didn't give it away, even though you already know what happens).

And speaking of leftover popcorn.... Liz is moving shortly (yes I know I've mentioned it. Get used to it) and every once in a while I come home to find "Liz droppings" in my kitchen. Once I found Hoisin Sauce and claw crackers. Today there was Jiffy Pop popcorn, some Little Golden Books and a box of couscous. I think there's something in my fridge, too. I will not be home on the day she actually leaves town, and I'm very curious to see what we find in our yard. Curious in a "do you think we should go home now or drive around until after dark" kind of way.

Hopefully there will be more books like this.


Fred said...

leftover popcorn? gee, what's that?

oh! I know! one of you must have gone back to the concession stand for the free refill of your bucket-o-corn, right?

tra la, tra la la, tra la

Susan said...

Fred - leftover popcorn is what happens when you forget to drink a bottle of water beforehand and your face will turn inside out if you eat one more deliciously salty kernel.

Lois B said...

I think sister-in-law from china/burma is attractive to kids because she is soooo tiny besides being beautiful and bubbly. She isn't much bigger than Lucy.

If I was writing a blog I would tell you all about how she was so excited when we opened the fold out couch for them to sleep on. She declared it cool and made us put it back and do it again so she could take pictures to send to her family in china.

I think we will keep her.

Susan said...

Lois - you're right about her being not much bigger than Lucy. She was kind of staggering while holding Studley.

I love how cool your fold out couch is! See, it's all in your point of view. She must be sending boxes of photos home every week. They should get broadband.... oh, wait.