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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a day in the life

If I encounter an adversary, I'll be ready thanks to kickboxing class. I'll do a bunch of jumping jacks, followed by some running in place. And then I'll invite him/her to breakfast before I get too winded to speak.

I'm making progress. Except that my scale broke quite recently so I have no idea. I don't think I broke the scale.

To compensate for the real or imagined lost weight, I ordered take-out for dinner tonight. I called Mahoney's and was transferred to the hostess. Here's how it went:

her: may I help you?
me: yes please. May I have two jerk chicken sandwiches.....
her: hi Susan
me: oh........

She didn't even let me get to the "heaps of chipotle crema on the side, please." Although now that I think about it, at least she didn't say "and would you like 3,000 calories of chipotle crema on the side, same as usual?"

A friend of mine from Falmouth (still on the Cape but AGES from here) asked for restaurant recommendations in my area. And then I wouldn't shut up. I might have to do a post just on the restaurants. By town. Oh I do love the restaurants around here. And then (because obviously she's a glutton for punishment) she asked me some questions about the way we raise our kids.

Her timing couldn't have been worse, because I had a long talk about that with my sister just last night and I've been feeling a little gabby about it ever since. Now if you don't have kids, don't hang up because it actually applies to every day life.

My sister is a child development genius. And she's really supportive and uncritical and, did I say supportive? of parents. Which is good, since she's a teacher. Her whole thing is parent education. You know, I have my Save The Whales thing and she has her Save the Whales by Educating Parents So They Raise A More Conscientious Generation thing.

Anyway, she was giving a talk last night and she told me she was going to ask people what they thought society was telling them their children needed. I listed things like: video games, a sterile environment, an SUV to ride around in, lots of expensive toys, a Kitchenaid dishwasher, and a really big swingset*. And then she asked me what I thought my kids needed, and I listed: a good example, opportunities to try new things, nutritious meals, family time. Yada yada. You get the idea.

My sister's whole point was: go with what you know your children need.

Now I realize I can be a little Lola Granola at times. I think maybe I go overboard with the whole experiential thing (hello, chickens!) to make up for my commercial culture reticence. And if I could just Let Go of the feeling that I'm not measuring up to society, I could be way more normal and go with what I think is right.

I'd probably still get the chickens.

*I'm not saying you shouldn't have these things. I'm saying that they (some of them) are the kinds of things I don't have and feel a bit self-conscious about. Some of them I'm fine not having. Really fine.


Lisa said...

LOL about Lola Granola!
It's harder when they get older, because you don't want to get the kids something just because Susie has it, yet they need to fit in, yuck, I hate that they're getting older!
(BTW, I highy doubt YOU broke the scale!)
Learning about all sorts of restaurants,though, so thanks!

rain said...

Don't you just love to say chilpotle? It's my favourite word. I also want jerk chicken from Mahoney's now, for lunch. The whole who has what thisng drives me a bit crazy. I fall into that trap more often than I like to admit.