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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Getting Out

Most of you probably take "going to work" for granted.

I get to go to work at least once a week. The rest of the time I have work hanging over my head like a very pointy, very heavy object. I do work during the week, just not as efficiently.

When I go somewhere to work I can't believe how easy it is. I get to work on a project until it's done! Now I do remember that when you're in an office there are distractions that come up ("Susan, the elevator's stuck!"), so I'm not saying that working in an office is easy. But when I go in, no one has any questions and they seem slightly afraid of me. They don't really know what it is I do. I am the Great and Powerful Oz.

Today I went to work in Wellfleet. I love going to Wellfleet, with its narrow streets and small town friendliness. Last week one of my coworkers ordered a salad for lunch from the restaurant down the street. When I went to pick it up, I was handed a china plate with her salad on it. It would have been ruined if they had put it in a box, don't you know. And they know where to find us if the plate doesn't come back promptly.

They were cleaning the streets today. One visitor noted that they cleaned both sides of the street on the same day. "Where do you park?" she asked. Except for part of Main Street, there is no street parking because the streets are narrow enough already. They could probably clean both sides of the street with one pass. I can't imagine seeing signs here that say No Parking on the Third Thursday of the Month. Instead, there is a sign about rampant children, cyclists and pedestrians. "Please Drive Gently" it says.

There are also still plenty of Caleb Potter signs up. I love hearing the good wishes of strangers when they ask who he is.

As usual, I got to work early and set up shop in the garden. There's a tall fence, so I can hear what's happening out on the street, but no one knows I'm there. I've heard all of "Danny Boy" in thick Irish brogue. And lots of small town banter. It seems like everyone knows everyone else around here.

My town is a little like that. I guess you just have to see it somewhere else to appreciate it.

And totally unrelated, you know all those ads and commercials where people are working on their laptops outside? That's nonsense. I have tried to work outside on many occasions and it is close to impossible to see what's on the screen, even if you find a nice shady part of a particularly beautiful garden. So if you go to the beach and you see a black lump which may be someone sitting in a beach chair with a black drop cloth over her, it's me getting some work done.


Sturdy Girl said...

that's funny - after reading this I remembered that I had these same thoughts about work when I first went back after being home with the kids. It WAS SO EASY in comparison! And hey! Eating lunch uninterrupted!!! BONUS

Susan said...

I go to work for the sole purpose of eating lunch.

Liz said...

Where's my lunch?!?