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Monday, October 15, 2007

play by play action

Chris is sitting on the couch watching the game (the game, of course, being the Red Sox). He starts making frustrated grumping noises, which isn't surprising because he often talks to the players, umpires and coaches. And then he tinkers with the stuff on top of the tv - no, not the fairy house, the receiver thingies which provide us with quality programming (and other things but I don't know what).

"I'm getting a digital delay," he says. Tinker, tinker.

He leaves.

He returns, hauling a piece of equipment in a rack. It's 8"x12"x17" (approximately. According to Chris it is "4 rack spaces high and 17 inches across. " He doesn't know how deep it is and I'm too lazy to walk over there. Also, I'm a little frightened.).

It seems he needs this in order to listen to the radio and watch the game without a delay of one or the other.

I always think we have this really simple life. Except that it's not.

Oh dear, he just said "where's my tuner?" Which means we will have 5 pieces of equipment teetering on top of our television - for a total of 10 rack spaces. Yes, there he goes, out the door to get the tuner.

Oh, and the tv is in an alcove under the eaves, which means that you have to start stacking things slightly to the left so they don't hit the slanted ceiling coming in from the right. So we have a tower of equipment that's precariously stacked (smallest, thinnest items on bottom) and slightly off kilter.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on with the Red Sox because I can't take my eyes off the tower of doom.


rain said...

If you lived on the west coast you would be terrified of an earthquake right about now. We never leave precarious stacks - cause you never know when the BiG One's gonna hit.

Susan said...

Rain - right! I worry about thundering children, but no earthquakes.