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Sunday, October 21, 2007

the rise and fall of a once clean house

These are the balloons Chris brought in from his truck this morning, which he had snagged from last night's party. It was an extra great snag because today (finally) we got around to having Studley's birthday party. Ta da! Decorations! And then when our first guests arrived they brought another bundle of balloons which they had also snagged from last night's party. We can barely move but it is VERY festive. The balloons are now napping on the floor, tired from all their decorative frivolity. If I loose them all from their ribbons they will probably cover my living room floor. It will be like a scene from Swan Lake. On acid.

I have absolutely no idea why people clean before they have parties. Like the balloons, the cleaning was coincidental. I got on a jag yesterday and didn't stop until I noticed an actual change in the acoustics of my home. I should maybe stop taking stuff to the dump before I find myself living in an echo chamber. I would have told you all about it if I had stopped babbling about my hair long enough. These things happen.

So my house was pretty tidy and uncharacteristically dust-free (which turned out to be good because people went diving under the couch in search of a toy on a number of occasions) and then it was TRASHED because Studley's friends may be small but they are efficient. I picked up a bit after they left and then I was tired and I figure the layer of balloons will cover a bunch of what I missed. So really it's just serving dishes that need washing.

There were leftover snacks so my kids had shrimp, hummus and tortilla chips for dinner. I love party food and wish we had one of those countertops that doubles as a refrigerator so I could leave this stuff out for grazing. Or maybe I'll just lie on the balloons with my bowl of seven layer dip.

One time when I was pregnant I came home from work and no one was home so I made myself a seven layer dip and ate as much of it as I wanted before anyone could tell me to stop. I had a very good pregnancy.

Now where was I... oh right, lying on balloons.

The best news is that one of the moms brought us another party invitation. It looks like Lucy was right about us and parties. It's because our children are friendly and sociable and get invited out a lot. We adults are grumpy and don't answer our phones and are losing friends at a prodigious rate.

Except that someone dropped by just this morning looking for an emergency microphone (she was playing a benefit in mere minutes). I was glad to see her because a) she's nice and b) it's just not that often that someone stops by unannounced when my house is clean.

And now I am torn between staying up and watching the Red Sox game and collapsing in a heap, mumbling "must... write.... thank you notes."


rain said...

Does this stuff just roll out of you? Because really, I'm jealous. Love your turn of phrase. Lying on balloons eating 7 layer dip. Love it. Sometimes we have 7 layer dip for dinner. beans, avocado, cheese, tomatoes, if we don't discuss the chips or sour cream it's a healthy meal...

Susan said...

Oh Rain, thank you! And yes, 7 layer dip is a Wonder Food. It is essentially the entire food pyramid.

Liz said...

You had two preat pregnancies - I enjoyed both of them immensely and the food choices were ideal.
7 layer dip IS wonder food. Will get balloons and use them as roman dining couches. Who needs a dining room table?