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Monday, October 29, 2007

scary Halloween thoughts

We have been to two costume parties and a parade. I almost packed their costumes away today, but then I remembered it's not even Halloween yet. There is still so much to do before the month is out.

First of all, I have to find out where my neighbor has moved because the new people haven't moved into her old house and therefore there is one less house to procure treats from. Maybe she'll leave a basket out. But if she doesn't, we'll track her down.

I'm a little nervous about the new neighbors. I have never gone to a neighbor's house with offerings of baked goods before. It sort of feels like my entry into adulthood. I'm not so sure I like it.

The last time my sister tried to welcome someone to her neighborhood, her oven broke while she was baking the banana bread. See? It's hazardous. Fortunately we have a short street and the likelihood of this happening again soon is slim. Unless we scare them off.

Oh I hope we don't scare them off. I just know that when I go over there with my Little Red Riding Hood basket of goodies I will talk too much in an effort to make them understand how nice and reasonable and civilized we are.

Because we sure don't look it from the street.

I will explain that yes, we have A Lot of vehicles but it's just because we have three and a half generations living here. We're the ikebana of the family tree world - a whole freaking tree stuffed into a wee terra cotta tray.

What if they DO move in before Halloween and I DO get up the nerve to take over a pumpkin bread and they DO answer the door and think we are just costumed as the crazy neighbors you would never want? I suppose if this happens then they will give us treats and send us off.

Maybe I should go ahead and pack up those costumes. Instead, we'll dress as a 19th century family. And we will appear normal.

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