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Saturday, October 13, 2007

spa day, hold the cheese

A month or so ago I noticed the YMCA was offering a mother/daughter spa day. It included an hour of yoga, a half hour massage, a manicure and a healthy snack. I'm generally up for anything that involves a snack, so I started looking around for someone to pose as my daughter (my mother was unavailable and Lucy's just not old enough yet).

I didn't have to look far, although for Heather to be my daughter I would have been pregnant in the 5th grade. I can't imagine how that dinner conversation would have gone.

I warned her that it was likely to be really cheesey. Nothing against the Y, but it's not very spa-like. I pictured massage chairs set up in the hall. I figured the manicures would be in the nursery and the healthy snack would be on a card table in the lobby.

It turned out to be at Body Sense day spa in Hyannis, which was so not cheesey. We were given spa-tini's at the door (mineral water with fresh raspberries and some magnesium seaweed something-or-other). We started with yoga, which turned out to be the stretchy, twisty, breathey kind of yoga instead of the sweaty, panting, aching kind of yoga. And then we had our snack.

And then we had our massages. A half hour is just way to short and if I do it again I'll ask for a foot massage. I could totally have someone give me a foot massage for half an hour. But they did have real massage tables and I did get to lie there for half an hour without anyone asking me for a cheese stick. So I'd call it a win.

And then we had more snack. And then we had manicures. Oh, and there was a facial thingy but it was Arbonne and every time I see an Arbonne bottle I am sure they're going to make me host a party or make me sell it in my spare time. I'm a quasi-stay-at-home mom, which makes me an easy target.

So I smell like lavender massage lotion and some kind of hand lotion and a salt scrub and probably some other lotions and if I were a baby bird there is no way my mother would recognize me.

But I am very soft. And relaxed.


rain said...

Sigh. I love the spa. I fell like crying when I see the warm massage table and think, "even if I just lie here and rest for an hour it would be perfect". And then I get a massage. Sounds like an awesome afternoon.

rain said...

er - feel, not fell.

Lisa said...

Wow, I am so jealous, sounds like great time!

Susan said...

Rain - yes, I could nap for an hour on that table. As soon as I put my face in that rest thingy I know all is well.

Lisa - it was really fun! And I got to spend the day with my niece, which I'd been looking forward to.