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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

storming the field

There was rumor of a Nor'easter hitting today. I brought in some of the house plants. I made sure the chickens had their seat belts on. I told the kids not to stand near the windows. We're ready. But nothing's happening.

When I first lived here, there were some big storms. We'd always head to the Land Ho and wait it out. I remember sitting there with the girls, waiting for our friend to plow all our driveways before we headed home from work. By the time we left, we had to shovel off our cars with food service lids.

When we had our crazy wrath-of-God storm a couple years ago, Liz ended up at the Ho because she couldn't get home and our house was blocked by a broken water main in one direction and a fallen tree in the other. She was in good company because everyone goes to the Ho when it storms. Unless you're stuck at your house thanks to a broken water main and a fallen tree.

We're not waiting this one out at the Ho because the kids are too short to sit at the bar. And we'd have to sit at the bar because otherwise we wouldn't get to see the game. "The Game" being the World Series in which my multiple personality disorder manifests itself as Colorado vs. Boston.

Who am I supposed to cheer for?

I was going to cheer for Denver, just to irk my husband, but it's 9 to 1 - okay make that 10 to 1 - and I am fickle so will probably just go with the Red Sox. Besides, I have an extra-cute Red Sox t-shirt and all of my Rockies stuff is at Good Will along with most of the rest of my earthly possessions. Okay, not ALL my possessions. I still have way to much china and an unreasonable number of books.

And now it's 11 to 1. This is just not right. It must be my lucky shirt.

Speaking of lucky, we get to hear the game when the tv goes to commercial because Chris still has his stack of equipment set up so we can listen to the radio and not have a digital delay. See, he has a multiple personality disorder thing going on too. He thinks he's MacGyver.


Lisa said...

Land Ho, huh? Are they open the night before Thanksgiving? Of course I'm running a 5k in Sandwich at 8 am, so maybe not a good idea....

Liz said...

We stayed home beacuse it was safer to cheer for the Sox here in Rockies central...

Susan said...

Lisa - Uh, yeah, the Land Ho may not be your best bet before a 5k. Otherwise, give it a whirl! It's our town pub. In fact, it's our town center.

Liz - safety first! I am having a lovely time cheering for whoever's winning at the moment (granted that hasn't made me as fickle as I'd like, due to the rockingness of the Sox).