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Saturday, October 20, 2007

there's gold in them hills

Liz has landed! I talked to her last night as she was photographing a sunset over the Rocky Mountains on the approach to Denver. They probably didn't look very big from there and it must have been thrilling to see her new home get taller and taller the closer she got.

So this morning I'm imagining them rooting around for their coffee machine and then giving up and going out. Is there anything better than waking up in your new house on that first morning? Everything's ahead of you. I'd probably pretend I hadn't put the coffee maker where I could find it so I could go out and explore and make a local of myself post haste at the closest place that makes coffee. It's not even 8am in Colorado, but I bet they're up.

When I did this (you know, abandon all my friends and move to Colorado) I had a recurring dream in which I found a short cut from Colorado to Cape Cod. I couldn't believe it had been there all the time and we could visit each other whenever we wanted to. I sort of feel like that now. I don't get to see her, but I get to find out what it's like to live in the crook of a mountain.

I think maybe we should get that Unlimited Pictures feature on our phone plans.

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Liz said...

I buried the coffemaker so far down at the bottom of the pile, that we went out for several days. Boo's Burritos and Capn Crunch french toast rule. We are starting to settle in and I like the unlimited photos plan. Maybe when I actually get internet connection...