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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wellfleet OysterFest

First of all, let me say how ridiculously happy I was to find my blog listed on the surfwellfleet website! It's on the local blogs page and it says "A great place to start your day! What it feels like to live here blog..."

Really, my whole purpose for writing this (besides sending subliminal messages to my husband who doesn't read anything unless it's online) is to show what it feels like to live here. So thanks, Surf Wellfleet!

And while we're on the subject of Wellfleet and busily linking to all things Wellfleetian, today was OysterFest. I know, I know, I have said a billion times that I Don't Like Crowds. But sometimes I make an exception and this one is totally worth it. There's a shucking contest, there's music, there's lots and lots of food and there are things in booths you might want to buy. Oh happy day! Because you know I have a big spot in my heart reserved for things made by hand. I was REALLY close to buying a peace sign t-shirt for Lucy but they were out of pink by the time I got there and she Will Not Wear anything else. Nope.

Anyway, we arrived around noon which was probably the busiest time to get there. Chris and I had one of our marital spats - which of our super-secret parking spots was closer? Mine was work related and a block away. His was a friend's house and a block away. His was up a hill. Mine was near an ATM. His was closer to our get-away route. Get-away trumps ATM, we parked at his friend's house.

There are some great finds there, including Narrowland Pottery, The Harmon Gallery, Leave it to Weaver, and Jesse Mia Horowitz. Lots more of course, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Oh, and there was a Caleb Potter booth, where his friends sold Caleb t-shirts and Jolly Roger flags and oysters to benefit his rehab. In addition to his official booth, several of the artists and vendors were donating part of their proceeds. Small towns are good.

So, about it being a small town. They close off Main Street and most of the action is centered around town hall. The parking lot behind town hall is where the stage and the food tent is, and then there are booths all the way out to Main Street, down the road, and up into another parking lot. And behind Preservation Hall (which used to be the Catholic Church) is an area for kids. Face painting, balloon animals, music. There are strands of cotton candy wafting through the air (literally) and I'm sure it's in my hair.

On our way to the kid area we stopped to see our friend Gerry who was helping with his son's oysters. Matt has a shellfish grant and supplies most of the restaurants we like with oysters. Lucy batted her eyelashes at Gerry and he said, "would you like an oyster?" She did. We call this "seagulling" and Lucy's really good at it.

I just spent a good 30 seconds or so trying to find stats on how many people attend this thing. I vaguely remember it being in the thousands. Is that specific enough for you? So with that many people there, chances are good you'll run into someone you know. One year we even saw our ballroom dancing instructors (who try to see as little of us as possible). It's a little like some kind of reunion, except that when you first get there it's kind of frantic and everyone is trying to Get Somewhere and not stop to talk every 3 seconds. I think we should all carry business cards that say "wow great to see you, I'm fine" so we can be friendly but get on with the shopping a little faster.

And then we could have gotten out of there faster and not gotten stuck in massively backed-up traffic. That's right, having a get-away-friendly parking spot is not so helpful if you are too chatty and forget to Get Away.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a great time, and I'm with you regarding the crowds!
You had great weather,too!

Susan said...

I heard today that Sunday was much less crowded than Saturday. Hard to imagine....

Still, totally worth it! Weather was amazing - I love those crisp fall days.

rain said...

I want some of those business cards! I could use them here for Bathtub Days. They would help with those awkward, "what have you been doing since I saw you last 5 years ago" conversations. And I want to go to Oysterfest. I really, really want to.