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Friday, October 19, 2007

the word on the street

I was at the Sandwich library today freeloading their wireless connection when I heard one of the librarians say, "oh, there's a warrant for my arrest."

"Another one?" said a coworker.

Phew, librarians are wild. And this was just in the children's section.

Turns out it's one of those fundraisers where people from the community are put in jail and they have to get bailed out. The librarian in question pondered the possibility of not attracting any bail. What then?

I tried googling to find out more (heaven forbid I admit I had been eavesdropping and ASK). The search turned up fundraising ideas involving sandwiches, and actual fundraising people going to actual jail, but not any upcoming local events.

And speaking of googling, someone found this site by searching for "big rabbits". I am pretty sure I've never written about big rabbits unless I told you about the life size chocolate bunnies Chris used to get me from the Chocolate Sparrow. He doesn't get them any more because I've asked him not to. But if you haven't had your fill of chocolate bunnies and you also can't wait until spring, the Sparrow has Chocolate Turkeys available now.

No kidding. Chocolate turkeys.


rain said...

mmm...chocolate turkeys..but it would just be wrong for me. thanksgiving is over here in Canada land. But then...it's chocolate. I could chomp it into some other shape.

Susan said...

Rain- I think a few well-aimed chomps could turn it into a convincing feather duster. And who wouldn't want a chocolate feather duster?

hazelblackberry said...

A life-size chocolate Santa would probably be lethal.

Susan said...

Hazel- but oh what a way to go.