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Thursday, November 1, 2007

car and driver, part deux

My sister bought a super luxury car a few months ago and at this point I think the car company in question is losing money on her.

When I got my car, the salesman sat in it with me for about two minutes to make sure I understood where everything was. Since I drive a very simple car, this was about 90 seconds longer than necessary. The remaining 30 seconds assured that I filled out the Customer Satisfaction questionaire properly. "Did your salesperson show you how to turn on the 8-track cassette player?" Oh, yeah.

My sister's car came with a tutorial dvd and a training session. The training session was automatically scheduled by the car when it hit 1,000 miles (or something like that). The car then synched itself to my sister's online calender and alerted her via text message of the appointment. While it was in there, it noted that my sister's haircut was scheduled after her high school reunion and would she like Lovely Car to reschedule it for sooner?

As it turns out, one training session was not enough. Today she (my sister, not the car) called as she was about to drive into the dealership. She reported later that there's a drive through bay. You drive in, tell the attendant what you need and someone scurries out to help you. She didn't give me details other than that, but I bet there are hot towels involved.

Today's question had something to do with her phone. I think maybe one of her friends has a new job and she needs to change the number. Because the phone plugs into the car, it is now the bound duty of the dealership to service her phone. While they reprogrammed the phone my sister opted to stay in the car, rather than changing into the provided robe and slippers and having a mineral water in the solarium.

Now I have always been perfectly happy with my car buying/owning experience. I've bought 3 cars from the same dealership and the salesman remembers my children's names. They also have popcorn. And some cranberry juice if you know where to look. I have always checked the "very satisfied" boxes on my questionaires.

But now I'm thinking I'll add a little something in the comment section. Something pertaining to spa services while we wait. Or maybe, if space is an issue, just those massage chairs like they have in the airport.

Of course the car itself does things mine doesn't do. But I happen to like calling Chris, telling him I'm lost and giving him yet another reason to sit in front of his computer with brow furrowed. GPS, pffft.

Besides, now that she has this car, it's another reason to go visit her. I haven't been cruising in ages.

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rain said...

I'd just like a dealership that called me and offered to vacuum the cracker crumbs out of my seats.