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Monday, November 5, 2007

Castle Aaargh

The first trouble I had with the plastic castle was getting it to go through the x-ray machine in security. It was too light and couldn't push its way through the plastic curtain. The security agent assured me it only needed some weight behind it and the next thing I knew he was saying, "that's a fine looking castle in there," as he watched it glide past his monitor.

I had to carry it on the plane because my sister gave it to me as we arrived at the airport and I couldn't fit it in my bag - despite the fact that I had two things in a bag that I can generally carry a week's worth of clothing in. So I walked through the airport with an 18" tall plastic castle loose in a shopping bag. I got some looks.

Now I am pretty good at gaging how things fit together. For instance, I am quite good at picking the right plastic container to fit the leftover chili. And so I could tell, as I walked down the aisle of a very full plane, that my castle was not going in the overhead bin. So I found an aisle seat and tried shoving it under the seat in front of me.

Due to the ornate plastic landscaping at the base, my castle would not go past its parapet. I tried wedging it in at an angle - no dice. A flight attendant was watching me. She told me it would have to fit all the way under the seat and I should probably give up. It was confiscated.

I watched as my castle was carried over her head to the cockpit. She came back and said that the pilot had agreed to keep it up there for me. And then I saw it coming back, over the head of another flight attendant. I felt myself turning crimson and was very glad to see it keep going past my row. The flight attendant came back and told me that they were not allowed to store plastic castles in the cockpit and it would be in the back of the plane. I think the pilot realized that I had managed to stow all the action figures, including the stuff to launch with the trebuchet. Without plastic boulders and miniature pigs, the castle was just a waste of space.

Have you ever tried to get to the back of the plane once you land? I thought about abandoning it, but at this point too many people would recognize me as the Woman With The Castle.

The flight attendant suggested I check it next time.

Next time?


rain said...

Did you buy anything at the boutiquey stores that you had to stuff in the castle? I hope you never see my eyebrows.

hazelblackberry said...

That sounds like a pretty specific rule: "No plastic castles to be stored in cockpit."

thefoodsnob said...

'No, next time I will be traveling with a plastic pirate ship, thank you!'


Susan said...

Rain - MY eyebrows are nothing to blog about.

HB- Yes. Perhaps I should have told them it was a Feudal Chateau.

Food Snob - Dang I wish I had thought of that!