‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This morning I set off to find the elusive cup of coffee. As may be abundantly obvious, I am not just going after a cup of coffee. I am in search of a euphoria-inducing coffee experience with subtle undertones of local culture.

As I drove down the hill it occurred to me that what I was looking for may in fact be something staged just for tourists, while the locals get their coffee at the Mobil station. I decided to overlook this possibility. It is my vacation and I can be in denial if I want to.

I found a coffee shop but it was closed. This supports my "just for tourists" belief. It shouldn't matter that it's the shoulder season if a place provides a life-supporting service.

I continued on and spotted a market with several cars in front. Surely there must be coffee?

Not only did they have coffee, they had all manner of espresso drinks. And as I looked around I realized that if we lived here, we would have to get more jobs in order to support our consumption of their prepared deli items. Unbelievably delicious-looking deli items - like vegetable napoleons, panzanella salad, herb tartlets and sesame noodles.

It almost doesn't matter that they serve Green Mountain Roasters coffee. Same as the Mobil station.

Obviously, my paradigm is skewed. Because as Lisa pointed out in yesterday's comments, I associate gas station coffee with a burning smell. If even the gas station coffee is good, have I unwittingly chosen to vacation in paradise?

Meanwhile, I got an email from someone at home who reported that the fog was "thick as soup." She is within the National Seashore, which sometimes gets wrapped in fog when it's clear a quarter mile away. I love that fog. It makes everything look different and somehow more peaceful.

I'm on a mountainside hoping for snow. It too will make everything look different and slightly more peaceful. And it will make my coffee taste even better.


thefoodsnob said...

Wow, sounds like an awesome market, and I'm sure the ambiance (sp.) made the coffee taste MUCH better ;)
I LOVE the fog, went running in some last week. I suppose it would scare some people, but you're right, it was just peaceful for me.


rain said...

I know what you mean. Gas station coffee...not that I wouldn't drink it if that was my only choice. Really, I'd drink yesterday's gas station coffee if that was my only choice. But on a holiday..you need the steamy windows, the jazz or alternative music, the good magazines, the brick...if I didn't have bronchitis I'd be running out the door right now. Well, actually, if I didn't have bronchitis I'd be at work with a good coffee on my desk...never mind. Have fun!